Sorenstam commits to the first LPGA schools | LPGA

Salina, it was. – Following her entry into the 2022 US Women’s Open at Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club, where she won the Grand Championship in 1996, Annika Sorenstam Continue to add to their competition schedule. The LPGA member and World Golf Hall of Fame will headline the 78-player course for the 2022 Senior LPGA Championship, which will take place July 22-24 at the Salina Country Club in Salina, Cannes.

It will be Sörenstam’s first LPGA Tour family event in Kansas State since she finished second at the 2002 US Women’s Open at Prairie Dunes Country Club in Hutchinson, located 65 miles south of Salina Country Club.

“I am looking forward to returning to Kansas for the first time in years to compete in my first ever LPGA Championship,” said Sörenstam, the 10-time LPGA Championship. “LPGA has meant a lot to me and my career, so I want to support this event. We appreciate the opportunity to play.”

Jolly Inkster, another member of the LPGA and World Golf Hall of Fame, will also highlight the group of all-time greats converging at Sunflower State for the Senior LPGA Championship, one of two majors on the Legends of the LPGA circuit along with the United States Championship Open to ladies. Tournament hosted by the USGA.

“We all love the game and the excitement of competition. A 31-time LPGA Tour champion including the 2002 US Women’s Open at Prairie Dunes Country Club, opening up Salina Country Club and giving us a first-class stage to continue our passion is a fantastic opportunity,” said Inkster. “I have fond memories of my years in Kansas, especially the US Women’s Open 20 years ago. It will be great to make new characters when everyone gathers at Salina this summer.”

Hosted by Pete Dye at the French Lick Resort in French Lick, Ind. , the Senior LPGA Championship on four occasions from 2017-2019 and in 2021. Trish Johnson He is the only two-time winner of the Stephen L. Ferguson Cup, having won the first and last editions at Hoosier State. The competition now moves to Salina Country Club, which is owned and operated by JRI Hospitality Management.

“We look forward to introducing Salina Country Club and Salina City to a national audience,” said Jason Ingermanson, Salina Citizen and President of JRI Hospitality, Founder and CEO. “The LPGA Tour will help shine a light on the extraordinary community we live in, and we’re grateful that they chose Salina to host such a major women’s tournament.”

“This is a major chapter in the history of Salina Country Club,” said Chris Nickell, Managing Director and Operating Partner of Salina Country Club. “We are excited to share our story widely.”

Love, Chloe Foundation He will be the proud recipient of the 2022 Senior LPGA Championship.