State of the Union: 2023 Wisconsin Badgers Football Recruiting Class

While it certainly isn’t over, we’ve come to the main part of the recruiting process, as the Badgers usually head into Turn 3 (sorry about comparing races) with their official visits off the road, they hope to do. It sticks to the center of the corner so you can shoot from Turn 4 on the fall and toward the finish line.

With the three major weekends of state visits wrapping up in Wisconsin, let’s take a look at where the class is currently in:

Current Obligations (10)

QB: no one
RB: Jaquez Keyes (6 feet – 1, 207 pounds, Ironton (HS), Ohio), Nate White (6 feet – 0, 175 pounds, Milwaukee King HS)
WR: Colin Dixon (6 feet – 2, 205 pounds, Tallmadge (HS), Ohio), Trech Kekahuna (5 feet – 11, 180 pounds, Honolulu, St. Louis HS)
TE: no one
OL: IOL James Durand (6 ft-4, 280 lbs., Chandler, ari., Pasha HS)
DL: Roderick Pearce (6 feet-3, 290 pounds, Chicago, Brother Rice HS)
edge: Jordan Mayer (6 feet-4, 235 pounds, Clairton, Pa., Thomas Jefferson HS)
pound: Tyler Jancy (6 feet-1, 215 lbs., Batavia (HS), Illinois.)
CB: A.J. Tisdell (5 ft 11, 175 lbs., College Station (HS), Texas)
s: Justin Taylor (6 feet 1, 185 pounds, Lagrange Park, Illinois, Nazareth Academy)

What does the class need?

More big men

Expect this class to be as heavy on the trenches as each class should, in order to ensure the critical depth on either side of the ball. As the program moves away from the COVID eligibility season, they need to add more large bodies.

Guild: Tennessee

Joe Crocker
Stephanie Amador/TN via Imagin Content Services, LLC

Offensively, the big target still on the board is Joe Crocker, extra time from Nashville. At 6-foot-6, 320 pounds, Crocker has the size and height of the Badgers and new offensive line coach Bob Bostad is aspiring. He was on his first official visit to the Badgers this weekend in June, and he’s the best attacking man on board. I was expecting another offensive lineman too, but Crocker is the obvious one.

Defensively, two stand out. Beauty Howard of Chicago from Marist HS is the nose treatment Wisconsin needs. Howard, who is 6-foot-3, 320 pounds, is a suitably good friend with current Chicagoland linebackers Justin Taylor and Roderick Pierce. We hope these relationships pay off.

The other big fish is still Ashton Sanders, who is from Wisconsin and Cal. Sanders, a native of Los Angeles, may have been a big win for the Badgers, but he’s more of a big swing at this turn than Howard. He was due to make his decision last Sunday, but a family case surfaced and he weighed it down.

Finish Clean Chicagoland (and Other Defensive Backs)

Kahlil Tate, who is back as a longtime defensive back and athletic from Kenwood Academy in Chicago, will be the last gem from the Illinois area that Wisconsin feels good about snatching. Tate and his best friend Justin Taylor will be the safe pairing in this class, and they will be some other toys for Hank Petit and Jim Leonard to play in high school.

Speaking of high school games, Lake Mary, Brayden Marshall of Florida, would be the cherry on top for a group looking to replace a heavyweight-laden big group after 2022. Jess Arnold, a candidate from Georgia, was about to emerge. Campus this past weekend, it’s said to be a Wisconsin commitment favorite. (Editor’s note: After Owen handed over this post, Evan Flood announced on Badger247 that Arnold would commit on Wednesday afternoon.)

Curtis’s tickets

The best recruit that Wisconsin has targeted throughout the entire 2023 operation, Curtis is the top 100 recruit and top six players in the state.

Syndicate: Shreveport Times/The Times

Curtis’s tickets
Henrietta Wildsmith/The Times via Imagine Content Services, LLC

Curtis was sold on the idea of ​​being the difference-maker in this Wisconsin defense by coach Bobby April, who would coach him as the outside quarterback. Rumored to return to Wisconsin, USC and Ohio State, there is still hope that he will end up in Madison.

That would be a huge win for Wisconsin, and coach April, who is said to have been to Louisiana at least seven times to visit with Curtis and his family.

Quarterback, narrow end, yada yada

While it’s pretty clear there won’t be a Graham Mertz-level target in this category for the Badgers after Ankeny, Iowa’s JJ Kohl has remained in Iowa, and South Dakota’s Lincoln Kleinholz appears to be the apple of an eye for Paul Kristel and Bobby Ingram at this point. It kinda better be because there are no other real offers in the position.

Apparently Zach Ortwerth, a narrow end of St. Louis, the top target at this time for the Badgers, was the only party to get an official visit in Madison this summer. While Ortwerth isn’t a “top of the line” target from a star recruit perspective, he’s 6 foot 6 and has the size and height that Badgers often look for in a position.


Overall, I don’t expect this dismissal to be a boon to Wisconsin, because they are still somewhat feeling the effects in this category of change on their staffing and restructuring department over a year ago. However, I expect the upcoming classes (2024, 2025) to be fully operational and to make another run at the highest recruiting ranking in the school’s history, as they saw in 2021 (#16 in the state).

Final Mockup for Chapter (19):

QB: Lincoln Kleinholes
Right-back: Jackie Keys, Nate White
WR: Colin Dixon, Trish Kikahuna
TE: Zach Ortworth
OL: Joe Crocker, James Durand, *third ol
DL: Roderick Pierce, Jamal Howard, Ashton Sanders
Edge: Tackett Curtis, Jordan Mayer
LB: Tyler Jancy
CB: A.J. Tisdell, Braelen Marshall
S: Khalil Tate, Justin Taylor