Stephen A. LeBron hits hard Stephen Curry

LeBron James is still the biggest name in the NBA, but for Stephen A. Smith, is no longer the face of the league. The veteran sports commentator bestows the honor on Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, who impressed everyone with his performance during the All-Star Game.

Smith has dropped his recent participation in ESPN’s First Take, arguing that Curry is now the face of the NBA by default because he is winning and inspiring at the same time. While he doesn’t take anything from the Los Angeles Lakers forward, who has been recognized for his overseas efforts, Stephen A. That Warriors guards are ahead of LeBron in 2021-22.

“I think it’s Steve Curry by default,” Smith said via NBC Sports. “He wins and not LeBron, that’s really up to me. If you want to adjust somewhat, LeBron is the face of what he does off the field. For me, I’m specifically talking about the court. Steve Curry is just a box office hit. You walk across turnstiles to see what this brother is offering.”

Notable Stephen A. Smith also discusses how Stephen Curry’s playing style and personality make him a great NBA ambassador. While LeBron James continues to make headlines with his dominant game, Curry differs because he helps the younger generation believe they can make it to the league despite not having the crazy height and athleticism of LeBron – or many other players for that reason.

“Steve Curry wins, and I think that puts him in that place and I think when you think about the fact that he’s 6ft 3 and you look at what he does and you see the kids go to the park, they know you can” It would be LeBron, 6ft-9, 260 A locomotive coming at you, extraordinary athletic power, strength, and everything else that comes with it,” Smith added to the Warriors star.

“With Steve Curry, you look at him and you say ‘The guy you brought me onto the field, I can shoot vaults, I can be’ and I think that has a lot to do with his increased popularity, coupled with the fact that he’s incredibly likable, he’s such a special person, he can launch Fire from the parking lot, he’s the greatest shooter in the history of basketball, and his team is winning. So at this particular time, this makes him more of a face. It’s hard to say that anyone is more of a face from the NBA than LeBron James considering the biography The generic biography of LeBron James. But at this very moment, for me, it’s Steve Curry.”

Smith sure makes a good point when it comes to Curry. He definitely gets as much attention as LeBron, and there isn’t a lot of drama surrounding him. He has remained loyal to the franchise that forged it and established its roots in San Francisco. Sure, it’s hard to find anyone better suited to represent the game today.

However, there is no doubt that LeBron remains the most popular player in the NBA. While it’s easy to see that he’s no longer the best player in the league, the fact that he’s the all-star captain and people keep buying his shirt and voting for him is proof of that.

But sure, it’s great that the NBA has a player like Curry, who can be considered LeBron’s torchbearer as the NBA ambassadors. On top of that, it’s not like they’re competing for it because they clearly have mutual respect and admiration for each other.

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