Suns has her last moment with clutch dominance, coming back to defeat Jazz

Like last week, the Phoenix Suns look ready to start their post-season run up to three quarters in Utah on Friday night.

Suns fell by 17 entering the fourth quarter and still saw a deficit of 14 with 7:30 remaining.

But Phoenix found a bit of momentum in one last round in the game that she didn’t feel like she was in. From there, once the clock ticked less than five minutes, we all knew what was coming.

The Suns finished the game 27-7 in that last 7:30 of the fourth quarter to beat the Jazz 111-105.

“I didn’t think we had team spirit in third place,” said coach Monty Williams. “It felt like we were down 30. And it was an eight-point game and then I got to 17 and that’s when I saw for whatever reason this stability in our squad. We call it the erosion effect, where if we can keep it going, we trust each other (and) we keep playing the way we are. The right ones we can live with with the results.”

The acquisition of The Suns was as predictable as the jazz meltdown. Utah’s loss is the fifth since mid-February when it advanced in double digits in the fourth quarter.

And Jazz played like the team that knew it, completely lost all confidence and flowed offensively as soon as you hit that point in the clock.

From there, the Suns (64-17) moderately executed their attack before it suddenly became a four-point game with less than five minutes remaining, as the now-leading Suns 33-8 in the league activated once again.

Devin Booker grabbed the ball at the triple threat at the left elbow and dropped a killer 19-foot jump to cut the difference to two. This bucket will start an extension of the Suns recording seven of their next eight possessions.

The Jazz team (48-33) called the second lap of the race there but it didn’t stop the bleeding at all. Utah seemed shocked, and as we’ve talked all year, this Suns team is like a shark in the water when it comes down to it.

Michael Bridges scored a tie bucket after a stunning defense over Utah’s Donovan Mitchell, stopping Rudy Gobert’s free throws on the Jazz’s upcoming 14-0 run.

In the closing chapter, it was the Bridges and Deandre Ayton Show. They combined to score the next 11 points for the Suns while making crucial defensive games as well.

Bridges had the real dagger, a drive and 1 finish great feed by Chris Paul which read what the Jazz expected to put the Suns in fifth with 45 seconds left.

“Michal on both ends of the floor tonight was absolutely amazing,” Williams said.

Bridges scored nine out of 18 points in the final 3:19 of the game. While his offensive numbers have gone up this year, Bridges’ progression has been much more about his desire to hunt the ball in those winning moments, which is an indication of his soaring overall confidence this year.

“He’s looking for him and I also feel like guys are looking for him,” Williams said of Bridges. “They trust him now. Not to say they never did it but they saw him put in the effort. They willingly saw him take the shots in those moments, and because of that, I think he builds a level of trust amongst the group.”

Booker scored 24 points out of 33 in the first half. Paul scored 16 assists with 16 points, while Ayton added 19 points.

Paul and Booker both played 38 minutes, and judging by Williams’ rotation and the way the Suns were chasing after the start of the game, this looked like the players’ last real goal before they rested in the regular season final in Phoenix against the team. Sacramento Kings.

There were multiple parts of the game’s closing moments where Suns simply laughed. Bally Sports in Arizona Kevin Ray noticed a point after the Suns basket that Booker was laughing toward a Utah crowd known to be somewhat talkative. After Paul’s free throws shortly after the game closed, Jay Crowder and Booker were laughing the most.

One of the Suns’ signatures won’t end up winning this season, but he really spoke for who this team is. Once the game is ready for remote takeover, grab it relentlessly. All while on the road with nothing to really play for.

And he complied about it after doing so.

“We love it,” Bridges said of the Sun Road Games mentality. “Everyone wants to send everyone home, and they want to see the crowd come out at the end. You already know we’ve got dogs on the team but we have some bad guys on the team who are definitely trying to break people’s hearts.”