The Batman: Warner Bros. Banned Penguin from Smoking

It seems Penguin will be missing his signature cigar in The Batman, as actor Colin Farrell says Warner Bros. refused to let the iconic villain smoke.

The Batman is set to feature plenty of new, grounded interpretations of the Caped Crusader’s iconic rogues gallery, yet Penguin actor Colin Farrell recently revealed how Warner Bros. kept one particular detail of his character’s design from appearing in the upcoming film.

Despite his best efforts during filming, Farrell said he wasn’t able to convince the studio to let him smoke as the gangster Oswald Cobblepot (aka the Penguin). “I fought valiantly for a cigar,” Farrell said during an interview with the YouTube channel Jake’s Takes. “I even said at one stage ‘can I have it unlit’ and they were like no.”

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Farrell did suggest there’s a reason behind Penguin missing his signature cigar, however, as the actor went on to explain how the decision not to let Oz smoke may be tied to his lowly rank in the Falcone crime family. “The Oz that we meet hasn’t embodied the energy of the Penguin that we recognize from the source comics and from previous films,” Farrell continued, “so I’ll see if it goes again. I’d love to explore it because he’s not an underboss, he’s not a boss, he’s just a soldier of Falcone at this stage. But he has great ambition and dreams of doing big, big things. “

Penguin’s cigar isn’t the only detail of his iconic design that has been confirmed to be absent The Batman, as Farrell has revealed Penguin will be missing his top hat. The aspects of Penguin’s design fans can expect to see in the film, however, include references to the character’s trick umbrella and waddling gait. That said, Farrell has emphasized that the Oswald Cobblepot in The Batman has not yet become the infamous crime boss most fans are familiar with. “He doesn’t take kindly to the name [Penguin], “Farrell explained.” It’s something more whispered behind his back. For now … maybe he embodies it at a later stage. “

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As for what fans can look forward to from Farrell’s Penguin, the actor recently elaborated on how his fractured character fits into the film and its depiction of a broken Gotham City. “I think – from what I read – every single character in [director Matt Reeves’] Gotham is broken, “Farrell said.” Every character has some internal fracture or struggle that is striving for repair in a variety of ways. Oz certainly has his share of ghosts. “

The Batman hits theaters March 4.

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