The biggest surprise in the middle of the road for the Masters

Scotty Scheffler and his pack, Ted Scott, on Friday after Schaeffler’s second role on The Masters.

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Scotty Sheffler is up front, Jordan Spieth is on his way home and Tiger Woods has two more rounds of golf to play this weekend. What’s the biggest surprise with the 36-hole Masters?

Scotty Scheffler

Scotty Scheffler is at it again! World No. 1 at the forefront in Masters


Shawn Zack

Alain Bastable, Executive Editor (Tweet embed): Not one eagle in 15! what a shame! One of the game’s most exciting holes has been neutralized with a new T-shirt chest and strong crosswinds. It is a real problem and a real surprise. I’ve never seen an extra 10-15 yards have such a big impact. Here’s hoping they push their tees over the weekend. It’s time to re-roar!

Jessica Marksbury, multimedia editor (Tweet embed): I’m going to go out of the box a little bit and pick John Ram as my biggest surprise this week. He has yet to finish in the top nine in his last four Augusta games, and I have to say, I expected him to be short of 10+ shots in the middle of the tournament. So maybe I should at least suspend my judgment for another round.

Luke Kerr Denen, Game Improvement Editor (Tweet embed): It makes sense that Scotty Scheffler would play well. He is ranked No. 1 in the world with three wins in his last five starts. But I totally didn’t expect him to close the field the way he currently does. Each player, to a man, got off the windswept path. Scotty shot 67 at the worst of it. It makes it look easy, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Dylan Diether, senior writer (Tweet embed): Jordan Spieth MC! Entering Masters Spieth this year he has played the tournament eight times, made eight cuts and finished inside the top three five times. He also sounded confident in his pre-tournament press conference. But it all happened in 12th place, where Spieth hit two in the water and made 6. Having to equal a number 18 to ensure a cut was made (and a bogey for a bullet) made Spieth a double bogeyman instead.

Nick Piastovsky, Senior Editor (Tweet embed): Tiger. He said he almost lost his leg. Now he plays on the weekends. Yes, this is the biggest surprise.

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