The Browns host two First Class receivers on Friday

Each NFL club is allowed to bring 30 players for official visits. This is designed to get the coaching staff, general manager, players staff, various opportunity to grab some face time as well as show to the accompanying athlete etc.

North Dakota State’s Christian Watson (1) carries the ball down the field as defensive linebacker Zion McCollum of Sam Houston State (32) chases after him during the Reese Grand Prix.
Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Friday, the Browns hosted WR Treylon Burks of Arkansas and also Christian Watson of North Dakota.

Cleveland’s spacious reception room is most confusing in the off-season. Jarvis Landry and Adele Beckham Jr. were both cut, Richard Higgins did not quit and has since signed a contract with Carolina.

The remainder are Donovan Peoples-Jones, Anthony Schwartz, Dmitrik Felton while Ja’Marcus Robinson’s tender was launched on March 7.

WR Jakeem Grant was signed during his free agent tenure but is likely to be seen as a returning man. In March, General Manager Andrew Perry traded for the Amari Cooper and his Pro Bowl.

After all, the DPJ and Cooper are the only known initiators. The rest of the future legion are all waiting and seeing.

The Browns were expected to take a receiver with the thirteenth pick in the draft; Someone like Garrett Wilson from Ohio, Drake London from USC or Jameson Williams from Alabama. Now that the franchise has sent that pick to Houston in the Deshaun Watson trade, their closest pick is number 44 in Round 2.

The receiver plays a huge role in this choice.

If Birx drops to 44th, Brown must rush to the podium. Some draft sites listed it as the second or third best receiver in this receiver-rich category. However, that was 4.55 40 times earlier than the Combine and Burks. Other receivers such as Ohio State’s Chris Olaf (and his 4.39-40) are now listed ahead of the Pyrex.

It’s not likely that the Burks (6′-2″, 225 pounds) will drop to 44th, but Berry can certainly redeem the select value just as he did last year with the acquisition of LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah.

Last season, the Burks had 66 receptions for 1,104 yards and 11 touchdowns. Baby is a wonderful playmaker and a dangerous point producer. Tough, physical, and dangerous yet hunting are all features of his play. Exceptional jumping ability, as he can jump over the defensive linebacker with excellent skills in shooting at high points. Good hands as well as a weight room junkie.

Watson (6′-5″, 208 lbs) has been in the spotlight and has been a great Senior Bowler this year. Defined as a mid-thirds roundabout, he jumped one week into the full round. It’s very likely Watson will be sitting there when he picks the Browns No. 44.

Here is a detailed exploratory report by Watson as part of the draft DBN probability chain:

Draft Insight: WR Christian Watson

If you notice, so far Browns don’t catch straws with their visits from the receiver. They know that they are not going back to the first round to grab one of the aforementioned notable players. They no longer had venture capital after the Deshaun trade.

But both Burks and Watson are two players to get.