The Dodgers win Opening Day 2022 against the Rockies

DENVER – The Dodgers enter the 2022 season with high expectations. They are no longer the defending champion, a title they held all last season. But with the highest salaries in baseball and a star-studded roster, they entered the year with a big target on their back.

Lots of that talent in attack. Despite losing Cory Seeger to free agency, the Dodgers found a way to improve, signing five-time All-Star Freddy Freeman to a six-year, $162 million deal.

With three players in the daily line-up and more than half a dozen previous All-Stars, the Dodgers have put together an attack that has the potential to be one of the best players in the game’s history. They wasted no time in showing off their prowess during the fourth inning of five rounds in the opening day’s 5-3 win over the Rockies at Coors Field.

“It must be stressful every round to play for our team,” said Dodgers coach Dave Roberts. “[The fourth inning was] A microcosm of what we can do.

Walker Poehler was on the hill for the Dodgers, starting his first career on opening day. The right-hander allowed two runs and hit five out of five innings. He did a lot to give the Dodgers a chance to win. But on Friday, it was all the attention on the lineup that carried all the hype through the spring.

Early results were positive for the dodgers. Seven of the nine starters scored at least one hit. Los Angeles had at least one main player in each of the first six innings. It was a perfect illustration that this lineup is not only talented, but also profound.

“Obviously we’re kind of proud to pass the baton to the next guy,” said Chris Taylor, the Dodgers’ utility man. “From one to nine, we have a deep lineup and we can all play well. That’s when we are at our best.”

In the fourth, the Dodgers showed their firepower and ability to strike quickly. After the left-handed Rockies’ Kyle Freeland kept the Dodgers mostly quiet through the first three rounds, scoring six hits in the process, Los Angeles responded in big fashion with a five-round frame.

Will Smith and Taylor started the race with singles and doubles, respectively. After Cody Bellinger popped up, Gavin Locks, the team’s No. 9 hitter, slapped one of two midfield hits up to the match in two rounds each.

“I just don’t try to do too much,” Lux said. “I’ve had good conversations with our hitting coaches and if you look at the players one through eight in front of me, I don’t have to do much. I think for me, it’s about being who I am and not trying to do as much as I did in the past.”

Lux, a former potential player for the team, made it to base safely three times on Friday. He will get the most chances in second base and left field. His emergence as a daily player would give the Dodgers another boost.

“I think that’s the best I’ve seen in him as far as I really understand who he is as a major league player,” said Roberts. “For him, continuing to eat good bats is indicative of growth. I am really excited about where he is and where he will be this year.”

After Lux, the Mookie Betts gave the Dodgers the lead by doubling the RBI. Freeman walked and touched Tria Turner with a single from RBI, which extended his regular season hit streak to 20 games, the longest active streak in the Majors. All nine Dodgers hitters came to bat in the fourth inning, with the fifth inning entering the wild.

The Dodgers remained quiet for most of the game. However, they still found a way to explode in the inning and win. Round one was a glimpse of what this squad can do. It was another reminder of why the 2022 Dodgers predicted a World Championship or bankruptcy. They are looking forward to embracing it.

“It’s good to have expectations,” Freeman said before the match. “It means you guys think we should win. So that’s a good thing. We have a good team. You know that when you put on the Dodger uniform, there are expectations.”