The Good and Not So Good by Rookie 49ers Minicamp

Santa Clara – Here’s who popped in during the junior camp at San Francisco 49. Mind you they didn’t have enough liner guys to do 11-on-11 brawls, so they brawled 7 on 7. Which meant I couldn’t see Drake Jackson, Spencer Burford or Nick Zackelj compete. So I didn’t focus on them.

The good

1. Wide Reception Danny Gray.

He was the best player on the field, the coaching star. He got five goals and grabbed four of them, plus one of them was a 50-yard touchdown. In that play, he ran another deep road and won in the sixth round over Tariq Castro Fields (more on him below). Gray also did a 20-yard acrobatic catch along the left sideline. He even managed to catch from the middle, even though he grabbed the ball with his chest. He also dropped a short pass after running in a fast slash. So it wasn’t perfect. But it’s clearly explosive, much more so than Dante Pettis, my original comparison to Gray when it was penned by 49 people. Best compared to the Gray is the former 49ers Marquise Goodwin’s wide receiver, which was also very fast.