The latest on Airplanes, Lubricants, Canucks and Senators

Several Canadian teams are still in the mix to make a move before Monday’s NHL trade deadline – the Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, Ottawa Senators and Vancouver Canucks.

During a clip on Saturday 32 days Hockey night in CanadaSportsnet’s Jeff Maric and Elliot Friedman provided the latest updates:

Talks intensify about Gates striker Andrew Cobb

“Hearing conversations about Andrew Cope intensify,” Friedman said. “The multi-skilled striker would be very valuable. The Boston, Rangers and Colorado teams in particular were interested in him.”

Cup is a great multi-skilled striker who can play on the wing or in the center, kill penalties and contribute offensively – in the last two seasons he scored 71 points in 109 games. Gates had a panic attack when he left last week’s game against the Blues, but it appears he did not suffer a concussion. Sportsnet’s Ken Webby points out the Bruins as the frontrunners, Avalanche as a stealth option and the Rangers, Lightning and Panthers as “in the mix.”

Oilers roam around looking for a defensive man

“A quick note on Edmonton Oilers, too,” Marek said. “I don’t think we should expect anything big from the Edmonton Oilers, no bully trade or anything like that. We know they’ve been in the goal-oriented market a few times this season and it hasn’t paid off. Get ready for their front group for now. It looks like we should. As if there’s one move for the Oilers, maybe it’s a left-footed defensive man.”

This weekend is the best for the Canucks

Canucks management is waiting to see how their team performs this weekend in games Saturday against the Flames and Sunday against the Sabers before deciding what to do before Monday’s deadline.

“That’s the thing with Vancouver,” Marek said. “It looks like this weekend will determine what Jim Rutherford and Patrick Alvin do… If things go aside at the Vancouver Canucks, there is some speculation coming on Monday, they will be open for business. The two names we hear a lot about are, of course, Conor Garland Brock Boeser. No. I feel any inclination to trade with JT Miller.”

Miller, 28, won’t be a chartered, because he still has another full season on his contract with a cap of $5.25 million, which means the potential for two playoffs.

This is likely why the New York Rangers, Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs are inquiring about the striker.

Senators, Nick Paul is pretty close to a deal, but…

“In Ottawa, the biggest story was Nick Paul who was out of the squad for the second day in a row as senators see if they can sign him or trade him,” Friedman said. “I’ve done a lot of work on this and I don’t think anyone here is too far off. The problem is as it is now, both sides are kind of in-depth. The bigger question would be, is anyone here willing to move in? I think there’s a deal being made here. , but there has to be a willingness to move. And since we’re sitting here Saturday night, there isn’t. I think he wants to stay, I think they want to keep, so they don’t have an agreement on the amount of money at this time.”

As Sportsnet’s Wayne Scanlan wrote, “A consistent 20-point producer, Paul has 11 career goals this season. Goals aren’t really the bread and butter of this versatile two-way quarterback/winger who is big and works hard. An excellent penalty shootout, Paul Ho Absolute ‘team guy’. The senators said they would like to keep Paul, but unless there is significant progress in negotiations by the end of the week, Paul will likely be gone. As a potential target for the top 10 trade board, Paul could make a decent return. (Possibility and choice?), according to market temperature by Monday.”