The predictions of ESPN’s 53-man Cowboys roster left Simi Vihoku out of the team

We’re a long way from the Dallas Cowboys that made their 53-man roster. Every now and then there will be plenty of bootcamp exercises, pre-season games to absorb, and a lot of arguing over points near the end of the group.

We’re all told there aren’t really 53 shortlisted spots to take over NFL teams as the majority are effectively out there, but there are always surprises to surprise us (Dan Bailey in 2018 was the last real one here). There are, of course, “on-the-bubble” players entering camp with a little more pressure than the others and one of them appears to be Player of the Year Simi Fioko.

Expectations for ESPN’s 53-man Dallas Cowboys roster saw Simi Vioco exit the wide reception pool

A year ago at this time, the Cowboys seemed to have the best wide-receiving trio in the NFL with Amary Cooper, Michael Gallup and Sophomore Lamb. The abundance of fortunes was so obvious that it felt as if Dallas could take his time developing the then-rising Simi Fioco.

Despite some serious group changes with Amari Cooper swapping away, it looks as though Fioco’s chances of making the squad have been much longer this year than they have been in the past. There’s no doubt that it’s a sporty profile that the Cowboys love, but if you don’t produce quickly in the NFL, things like that can feel a knock in the rearview mirror.

Recently, ESPN compiled a prediction list of 53 (keep in mind that camp is still a month away) and did not include Fehoko among his group of six wide receivers.

wide receiver (6): Lamb, Michael Gallup, James Washington, Galen Tolbert, Noah Brown, TJ Fasher

Gallup may not be ready for the first week, but he should be sometime in September, so he earns a spot on the 53rd rather than opening the year on a list physically unable to perform. All eyes will be on Lamb as he advances to the first round with the departure of Amary Cooper. Early on, Washington, Tolbert, and Brown would be relied upon to provide plays for Prescott. Vasher has had some great moments in the spring, but the last spot could turn into special teams, which could give the undesigned Dennis Houston a chance.

The last point in this prediction goes to TJ Vasher which wouldn’t be shocking. We all know how much the Cowboys loved the UDFAs historically and they hoarded Vasher last year for a reason.

It’s interesting to see ESPN refer to the UDFA opportunity Dennis Houston. In fact, Simi Fehoko is not mentioned in the teaser which doesn’t necessarily indicate anything, but it’s definitely worth talking about out loud.

Fehoko may not be in the 53-man roster initially, but he could still be on the roster in week one due to the fact that Michael Gallup could earn an injury rating after initially being on the roster himself. The Cowboys may feel that Fehoko is the one they can gamble the most on in the initial cuts on the menu, but then again not much has happened yet in terms of position decisions.


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