the real lesson of the sex thriller Ben Affleck – Ana de Armas.

Maybe you have a couple of friends like Melinda and Vic. He: capricious, possessive, bad attitude. She: exuberant, resentful, also bad attitude. Have a nice party on the porch of your Belle Epoque house, and people have fun, drink juleps and dance to the R&B band playing by the pool, and then all of a sudden bam: They’re arguing. One of them is flirting, the other is muttering, and she feels like a guy on the dance floor. When you can pull him aside for a conversation, make a big show about how he doesn’t care at all, it’s no big deal. In the meantime, he’s on his third martini and dancing to the piano.

Hulu can be marketing Deep water as an erotic thriller with a couple of celebrities Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. But anyone who is part of a large group of friends will recognize the true subject of the film: it is a warning story about a group of married friends who are crazy about the only couple who simply can.not stop with drama.

Deep water focuses on a vibrant group of parents in New Orleans who are apparently organizing generous greenhouses, cooking in the garden and pool parties every weekend. But at each of those parties, those poor friends deal with Vic (Affleck) and Melinda (de Armas). We first meet all these good people at such a party, where Mary (Devyn A. Tyler) tells a retired Vic that “some of us are worried” about the way Melinda is all over the blonde, the only bohunk in their middle. “I just don’t want you to look bad here,” she says. Their conversation is interrupted by Melinda who takes over the piano and leads a song to “Via Con Me”. She looks so happy there, in the spotlight! Later, at the same party, Vic threatens the bohunk, about whom the news soon spreads to the whole group of friends. A perfectly beautiful cocktail turned, again, into the show Vic and Melinda.

Two men are sitting at a lunch table, and one of them is talking and gesturing with his hands.
Jonas (Dash Mihok) and Grant (Lil Rel Howery) try to convince Vic.
Claire Folger / 20th Century / Hulu

At noon the next day, Vic’s friends ate it. “Speaking of someone who loves and respects you, you have to hug Melinda, man,” says Grant (Lil Rel Howery). “The fact that he feels comfortable displaying all these relationships around us is damn good.” Yes, Grant is worried about his friend’s marriage. But she also expresses the despair of every friend who has ever seen an entire group of friends hijacked by a pair of dramatic queens. Hell, you two think you’re the main charactersays Grant. Stop making us the players in your Adrian Lyne movie.

Unfortunately, Vic and Melinda can’t stop. Soon, at another elegant party, Melinda introduces the whole group of friends to the newest rando, a beautiful musician, and urges him to tickle the ivory of the piano while he tickles hers. Meanwhile, Vic is lurking nearby, a morbid cuckold, watching from afar as Melinda and the pianist flirt, splashing around the pool, and so on. That night, Grant and his friends gather in the kitchen to smoke weed and eat cakes. It’s a wonderful moment of kinship, of friends having fun together, so of course Melinda and Vic have to break it off. Oh no, the pianist is face down in the pool and to his surprise, Melinda yells at Vic about it. Even this poor drowning is somehow related to Vic and Melinda! Is exhausting.

Eventually, one of his friends, a writer named Don (Tracy Letts), sincerely becomes obsessed with Vic and Melinda. It’s sad to see his wife (Kristen Connolly) trying to tell him the meaning. “You’ve lost your mind?” she asks when Vic confronts Don – in front of their child, of course, for maximum interruption – about Don hiring a private detective to track down Vic. “What the hell were you thinking, Don?” But it’s not Don’s fault. When a couple sucks all the oxygen from a group of friends, it’s no wonder everyone else gets a little relieved! I don’t want to ruin the movie, but when friends are too wrapped up in that couple’s tricks, accidents can happen.

In a way, the disturbance of the group of friends regarding Vic and Melinda mirrors the disturbance of the society regarding the celebrities in general. If you’ve ever been to a gathering where a celebrity unexpectedly appeared, you’ve experienced the way each person’s attention is drawn to it, as if it were a magnet, and you’re all just iron filings shaking in the person’s famous domain. . And celebrity couples, especially those that include Ben Affleck, are the subject of such relentless attention that it makes sense that Affleck and de Armas, then deep in their own celebrity couple, might have thought that this couple, who do not long for nothing more than being talked about by their overwhelmed friends – they are nice and interesting. But they are not. These are total nightmares.

So when you look Deep water, you can enjoy psychodrama or resentful sex, for sure. But I want you to think carefully about your own group of friends and the position that you and your partner are in. Do you have meetings about yourself? Do you drink too much and quarrel in public and make vague threats that disrupt the social order? Do you sleep around or lovingly grow exotic snails in a damp garage? You may be the couple that is a little extra and you will destroy your group of friends – with fatal consequences.