The Steelers made a big push for Karim Jackson, and the search for safety continues

The Pittsburgh Steelers family appeared on a report from Jeremy Fowler late Thursday night. ESPN’s chief analyst was breaking the news about how safe the Denver Broncos were, Karim Jackson was re-signing with the team, but not before the Steelers “paid” to acquire his talents. In the end, the Broncos kept the man, but interest rises when you realize the Steelers were on the defensive at the age of 34 until the eleventh hour. The Steelers were thought to be chasing players off their junior contracts, but interest like this shows they’re thinking outside the box.

The Steelers rarely catch players in their 30s, especially before the draft. This interest shows that the Steelers are determined to fill their strong open safety position and perhaps pair a veteran with a newbie from this year’s class. It also shows that the free agency’s safety mode is quickly drying up. The Steelers basically have four options with starting experience that they can chase. The most obvious was Terrell Edmonds who was at the start of 2021, as well as Ronnie Harrison or Landon Collins. As many have noted, they can also hunt down the biggest prize left in free agency, Tyrann Mathieu.

Matthew will always be the more interesting name because he’s a former All-Pro three-time Super Bowl champion, and was the best player on the Kansas City Chiefs. Mark Kaboly of The Athletic joined 93.7 The Fan on a radio spot and stated that the Steelers could very well wait for what Tyrann Mathieu wants to do before the team makes a decision to return to Terrell Edmunds – or really focus on any other option. Landing Mathieu would be a major coup for the Steelers as many fans have begged the organization to make a move like this for a decade, but now with the organization in transition, it seems more possible than ever.

The other option is for the Steelers to go with a rookie in 2022. Really only one name has the talent to immediately start off as a first-year pro, and that’s Kyle Hamilton of Ireland’s Notre Dame Fighting Squad. There’s no way Hamilton should have reached the Steelers’ pick at the age of 20, but some reports show that some scouts aren’t quite as high as Hamilton as the media, and the Steelers are said to be attending him on an official visit. This is probably the best possible move for a team trying to build a young core.

But what do you think? How do the Steelers handle this safety situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.