The Tennessee Titans have acquired Robert Woods, 29, from the Los Angeles Rams, sources said.

NASHVILLE, TN – The Tennessee Titans have earned Robert Woods of the Los Angeles Rams for a 2023 sixth-round pick, sources confirmed to ESPN Saturday night.

Woods tore up the AFC Champions League on November 13 and was due an outstanding $3.5 million bonus from the Rams on Sunday. The veteran wide receiver became available after Los Angeles signed wide-ranging free agent Allen Robinson II to a three-year, $45 million contract Thursday.

The Titans’ acquisition of Woods gives a viable option as the wide receiver for Team No. 2. Tennessee State released Julio Jones on Wednesday with an appointment after June 1. The move saved the Titans $9.5 million in cover space. Woods has a maximum salary cap of $13.5 million in 2022. The 30-year-old broad signed a four-year, $65 million contract with the Rams in 2020. He didn’t have a dead cap in the remaining years of his contract.

Woods, 29, was a selection for the second round by the Buffalo Bills in 2013 from Southern California. He had 45 receptions last season for the Super Bowl champions, for a total of 556 yards and four touchdowns before suffering a severe knee injury. He was a key gear in attack early on, as the Rams built momentum and chemistry with new quarterback Matthew Stafford, but Woods played in just nine games. Meanwhile, Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr. Stafford’s primary goal is on his way to the title.

Although he didn’t fit in with his Super Bowl teammates, Woods had spoken with reporters beforehand and appreciated his post-season trajectory.

“I feel like I recently got over this feeling like, ‘Oh man, I’m not part of it,’” Woods said at the time. “I feel like the team was really big, like, ‘You’re part of this, you’re part of this. You’re part of this.” At first, you’ve recovered from your injury, you’re out of surgery, and you’re, like, “Man, I’ve been doing this for a few weeks.” …but really, I feel like I got past that and was able to really enjoy this full match experience. “

Several of his colleagues praised the attitude and approach Woods took during the trip, including Stafford.

“Robert Woods is the Los Angeles Rams,” Stafford said. “When I think of it, I think of solidity. I think of attention to detail. I think of selflessness. And I think of all the things we talk about as a team that we want to be. In one person.”

Few of the players on our team care more about the players other than Robert Woods.

Woods has 7,077 yards and 35 touchdowns for his career in 570 receptions.