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Whether you prefer your martinis shaken or stirred — and your 007s Connery or Craig — there’s a good chance you have a favorite James Bond movie. Even the most casual viewer of the long-running spy action series knows which of these films rise above the rest. But what about the worst James Bond movies? The question is subjective, of course — not just because there’s no general consensus on which actor best fits the role — but we can at least consult the reviews to find out the lowest-rated films in the series.

To do so, we turned to review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, which ranked every Bond film. We headed straight to the bottom of the list to find the movies that earned the most critical ire. Read on to discover which James Bond installments reviewers hated the most.

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United Artists

Rotten Tomatoes score: 65 percent

“The comic book plot meanders through a series of hardware production numbers,” Variety writes.

still from quantum of solace
Sony Pictures Releasing

Rotten Tomatoes score: 64 percent

“Although it’s not the most crushing disappointment of all time — finding you have won the lottery but lost the ticket is probably more crushing, I imagine — it’s still a crushing disappointment,” he writes. Deborah Ross forum The Spectator.

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still from diamonds are forever
United Artists

Rotten Tomatoes score: 64 percent

Diamonds Are Forever doesn’t carry the same quality or flair as its many predecessors, “he writes Variety.

still from spectrum
Sony Pictures Releasing

Rotten Tomatoes score: 63 percent

“By the time spectra reaches its conclusion, the backstory has become so fraught, the motives so unclear, and the layers of scheming by the villains so convoluted that it’s exhausting, “writes Isaac Chotiner for Slate.

still from moonraker
United Artists

Rotten Tomatoes score: 60 percent

“Bond meets Star Wars in one of the series’ sillier outings, “writes Ian Nathan forum Empire Magazine (via Rotten Tomatoes).

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still from die another day

Rotten Tomatoes score: 56 percent

“James Bond gets bad news in Die Another Day: They’ve rescinded his license to kill. The news is worse for us. They’ve given him a license to bore, “he writes Joe Morgenstern forum The Wall Street Journal.

still from tomorrow never dies

Rotten Tomatoes score: 56 percent

“By sticking to the formula so religiously, Tomorrow Never Dies sells itself short, “writes Keith Phipps for The AV Club.

still from the world is not enough

Rotten Tomatoes score: 52 percent

“All right for what it is, but will the day ever come when enough is enough?” writes Marjorie Baumgarten for the Austin Chronicle.

still from octopussy

Rotten Tomatoes score: 43 percent

“Bond had degenerated into a male model, and something of a genius anachronism,” he writes Richard Corliss forum Time (via Rotten Tomatoes).

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still from the man with the golden gun
United Artists

Rotten Tomatoes score: 39 percent

Roger Moore’s interpretation of Bond is blandness personified, “writes Verina Glaessner forum Time Out (via Rotten Tomatoes).

still from a view to a kill

Rotten Tomatoes score: 38 percent

“It’s not double-oh-seven anymore, but double-oh-seventy, the best argument yet for the mandatory retirement age,” he writes. Paul Attanasio forum The Washington Post.

still from casino royale
Columbia Pictures

Rotten Tomatoes score: 25 percent

“The few good aspects of this farce are vastly outweighed by the bad,” he writes James Berardinelli for ReelViews.

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