Therese Maxi of the Sixers laughs in low light at the Clorox Clutch Challenge

Therese Maxi now has one fun all-star weekend night under his belt.

And as far as his performance at Friday’s Rising Stars Challenge in Cleveland…well, he tends to deliver the important hits.

As part of a multi-event evening, Maxi teamed up with Raptors rookie Scotty Barnes for the Clorox Clutch Challenge. The goal was to take hits from five positions as quickly as possible, but Maxi and Barnes somehow made 0 for 6 at close range.

They laughed despite the meaningless mistakes.

After he and Maxi played 40 minutes Thursday in the Sixers’ win over the Bucks, George Niang was attentive.

Niang was at least able to see fellow Iowa producer Therese Halliburton win a clutch challenge with Grizzlies guard Desmond Payne.

Before taking last place, Maxi made sure to highlight “PHILA” on his chest at the start of the night.

He played for the team coached by Lakers legend James Worthy and took (and lost) the opening tip. Maxi said he would be willing to support Joel Embiid if asked, but there is likely no further word for his future in the NBA. Embiid, who watched Friday’s events at the stadium, is scheduled to start the All-Star Game Sunday night.

Villanova producer Sadiq Bey was prevented from a potential 3-pointer win by Jalen Green and Payne defeated the Worthy team by two killer strokes to claim a 50-49 victory. Although Maxey was full of enthusiasm on the bench and adopted a selfless style on the ground, he was a goalless shooting 0-for-3.

Apparently Maxi didn’t mind the final stat line.

The team led by Rick Barry won the four-team mini-tournament. Pistons rookie Kid Cunningham was named Player of the Year.

There’s a lot ahead of Maxey, including the last 24 games of this regular season and his first on the field with new teammate James Harden, who will miss the All-Star Game as he rehabilitates his left hamstring.

The Sixers are hoping the 21-year-old will return to the All-Star this weekend and believe he can reach that level.

“Teress definitely has a chance to be an All-Star Game in this league,” Daryl Morey, Sixers’ chief of basketball operations, said Tuesday at Harden’s introductory press conference. “Obviously there is a lot of work (required), but I know he will do his best. That’s one amazing thing about Therese – like James said, his confidence, but also his commitment to putting the work into it was incredible.”