Tiger Woods rallies after a tough start, and makes a cut with 74 on the second day of the Masters

Augusta, GA – Five-time Masters champion Tiger Woods will be in attendance for the weekend on his return to Augusta National Golf Club.

Woods, playing in his first championship since being critically injured in a car wreck in February 2021, battled his way through early struggles and tempestuous conditions to score 2-over 74 in the second round on Friday. He’s 1 year old after 36 holes.

It was another road trip for the 15-time champion. Woods had six bogeys — the first time he’s had that many in the Masters since the second round in 2007 — and four birdies. He grabbed four of the first five holes in the first nine and three of the first five on the second nine.

After struggling to make it to the fairways in the first round, Woods scored 10 of 14 on Friday. He hit 9 out of the 18 Greens on the roster but didn’t spar or shoot like he did on Thursday.

After scoring the ghost at No. 11 and 12, Woods slipped to 3 more for the championship and looked in danger of losing the cut. But then he got his big break in hole number 5 of the Par-5. With 223 yards left to the hole after his tee shot, Woods encouraged his second shot with five woodcuts to the right. His ball stopped a short distance from Ray’s stream.

Once his ball stopped, Woods told the packer, Joe LaCava, “Perfect pass.” They both laughed.

Woods was able to go up and down with an impressive 3-foot shot. He brought the bird back to 2 in the tournament, which was two better shots than the expected cut-streak 4.

On the next hole, Woods hit 305 yards down the middle of the fairway. His 145-yard approach shot hit the green and spun toward the hole. He made 9 feet for his second straight bird.

Woods also had two good chances on Birdie but wasted 17 feet in No. 15 and 11 feet in 16.

Woods couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start. After starting the third round of shots behind the leaderboards Sungjae Im and Danny Willett, Woods hit his first starting point in a bunker in the fairway and rushed No. 1 for the 23rd time in his career. Then he missed the numbers 3, 4 and 5. He missed his shot by 7 feet on the third par-4 hole and 14 feet on the 5 par-4. After going 7 for 9 in a scramble in the first round, Woods was only 1 for 5 in the first nine holes on Friday.

It was only the second time in Woods’ career that he started a major tournament tour with a score of 5 or worse in three consecutive holes, according to ESPN Stats & Information research. His 3-times score was the worst by four holes in the 92nd round at Augusta National.

However, Woods seemed to correct things from there. After combing the pars on the number 6 and 7, Woods finally made a birdie on the eighth hole by a five. He hit his second shot near the green, breaking up to two feet and making a birdie kick.