To argue: The AFC is still going through Arrowhead’s president

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Do not take wide receivers with the first three choices

I totally understand the premise of this tweet, because there are obvious holes in the Kansas City defense – primarily with the rush of passes and secondary players.

But as long as Patrick Mahomes is the quarterback and Andy Reed is the head coach, I will always be there to add weapons to attack. I believe you can never get enough.

All in all, I would be very surprised if the Chiefs didn’t take a receiver with one of their top three picks.

The AFC is still going through Arrowhead

Well, Brady is technically correct.

According to the Las Vegas odds makers, Chiefs is still the favorite for the West Asian title. Despite the addition of Russell Wilson, Davant Adams, Khalil Mack, etc., the division still operates through Mahomes and the company.

Now… Overall, the AFC wasn’t that deep and talented. But until the team chiefs walk out of the Asian Championship match, the conference is still running through them.

Chiefs’ defensive line is perhaps the least talented in the league

When evaluating all the position groups on the Kansas City roster, it is fair to say that the defensive line is the least talented group on the team.

Is she the least talented in the league?

I can’t go that far – because Chris Jones is arguably the second best defensive tackle in the game. Only Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams stands above him.

We’ve passed the peak of Mahomes – and we’ll soon regret its roof number

Looks like I saved my best tweet for the last time.

In all seriousness, we have to do better.

I understand that Mahomes has already accomplished a lot. But we have to understand that he is only 26 years old. It will only get better.

Now, regarding his roof number…

Mahomes’ contract already looks like a bargain compared to other midfielders. I mean, Deshaun Watson just got $230 million content.