Tom Dwan stacked up at the first appearance of Season 9 of Booker High Stakes; Evie and Bronson at work

Vice President of PokerGO Mori Scandinavian He told viewers of season 9 of High Stakes Poker It is “the best ever”. If it’s Monday The first episode of the season Is any indication that the Poker Hall of Fame wasn’t kidding.

The first episode, available on the PokerGO app, contains the poker lovers’ dream table, with game legends like Tom DoanAnd the Doyle BronsonAnd the Daniel NegrianoAnd the Phil IvyAnd the Patrick Antonios. High Stakes Poker newcomer Kim Holtmancasino streamer player, champion of 2021 World Series of Poker Main Event Koray the destroyerAnd the James Board Also featured in Cash Hold’em with a minimum $100,000 value of $200 / $400 USD.

Tough start for Duane

Tom Doan poker
Tom Doan

Duane has always been famous for his crush High Stakes Poker (among other things). He’s stayed pure on the show for so long and even admitted that breaks got his way a few times on the popular poker show, but luck wasn’t on his side during the first episode of Season 9.

Early in the show, he played the most in the episode, and the result wasn’t very good “The Durr.” Brunson raised to $1200 from his early position with {a-Hearts}{10-spades} And a board scammer just called him {P-Spades}{q-hearts}. Dwan, on the button, bumped up to $5,500 with {a-Spades}{k clubs}Bronson, then Board folded four bets down to $25,000.

Dwan decided to collect everything for about $97,000, and called his opponent, who only had a few thousand chips. They agreed to run it twice.

The first painting was done {2-clubs}{3-spades}{8 hearts}{9 diamonds}{q-diamond} The second was {10 hearts}{10 clubs}{q-clubs}{8 clubs}{6-bestady}Both are favorable to Board, who shipped the container directly. This means it’s time to buy back Duane.

Here is a look at the stack sizes shown roughly in the middle of the loop:

player pile
James Board 182,100 dollars
Doyle Bronson $118,200
Koray the destroyer $116,300
Daniel Negriano $104.700
Tom Doan $103,600
Patrick Antonios $98,300
Phil Ivy $96,200
Kim Holtman $79,700

World Champion in Tangling with Antonius

Koray the destroyer booker
Koray the destroyer

Aldemir, after winning the main event at the WSOP, made his debut in High Stakes Poker. Unfortunately for him, the experience wasn’t quite as enjoyable as the main event of a German poker pro.

In one of the most interesting hands during the first episode of Season 9, the world champion raised $1,200 with {a-Diamonds}{j-Clubs} And Antonius has three bets for $4,000 with {k clubs}{q-clubs} from the small curtain.

Fail {3-spades}{j-Spades}{10 hearts} He hit both players and it was clear that fate was brewing. Antoninus, who was approaching a straight line, drove $6000 and called his opponent. when {9 diamonds} Hitting the turn, checking out Antonius, citing the WSOP winner and sensing the problem. but the {a-Hearts} It was a problem card for the destroyer because she gave him a couple, which is not good.

With $20,000 in the bet, Antoninus went into an excessive bet of $30,000, and Aldemir couldn’t find a double. The Finnish poker legend took home an $80,000 bet.

Ivy calm

Phil Ivy and Doyle Bronson.
Phil Ivy and Doyle Bronson.

Ivy sat in silence for most of Monday’s opening session, folded nearly every hand. He played one main bet against Hultman, who checked the back pair on the flop in position, allowing GOAT poker to increase flights on the turn and inevitably win a big pot.

Negreanu and Brunson were both fairly active during the match. “KidPoker” He succeeded in ending a hard river feint with cruises against Holtmann, who had {j-Spades} On a four-piece spade board. It looked like he was heading towards a total monster win against Bronson in a hand as both players missed out on a tie – Bronson also had a straight tie – but Negriano had a big tie and a top pair.

Neither player in turn nor on the river improved and “DNegs” took a small bet. This tease.

High Stakes Poker He will be back at 5 PM PT next Monday on PokerGO. Most of the current cast of characters will return, along with Jean Robert Belandy. poker news It will give you a recap after the broadcast

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*Images provided by PokerGO.