Trade Analyst for June 21

In the world of the fantasy baseball trade, the devil sometimes lies in the details. Managers who find a big-picture trading idea that makes sense can often extract a little extra value by adding small pieces that the other manager willingly ignores.

Before we dive into the singles game this week, here are a few ways to gain an edge in trade conversations.

1. Add an injured player

Managers are often hesitant to let go of players they can help in the moment but are more willing to include those with an uncertain future. This is especially true for players who provide assistance but fall short of real stars. For example, Red Sox launchers Nathan Evaldi And the Garrett Whitlock They are both in IL and could be back in the coming weeks. They are useful assets in the mixed league but not at the level of players that managers build their tournaments around.

A wise manager can devise a reasonable 1 for 1 swap that suits the other manager’s needs and has equal value and then push the envelope a bit just by asking his counterpart to include someone like Eovaldi or Whitlock. The other manager may be so eager to get the deal done that he bends over when trading an injured player.

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There are many hitters that fit this profile at the moment as well, such as Brandon Lowe and Seiya Suzuki And the Mitch Hanniger. All of these players are in the midst of extended layoffs and weren’t team-makers in 2022 before landing on IL. In order to strike a big deal that suits their needs, some coaches may be willing to add one of these players at the last minute.

And they all have high potential if they can reach their best level after coming back from injury. Lowe and Heniger each deepened 39 times last year, and Suzuki showed off impressive potential at times in his debut season.

Having an injured player like Brandon Lowe as a party to a fancy deal can bring in huge profits. (Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

2. Add in the middle of the discharge

The best men’s preparation is more valuable than most fantasy directors realize.

Even in their current roles, they have the potential to make a lot of puffs while spreading elite lineage and earning some wins and savings. Because they do their jobs so well, elite men are often the next man if the closest on their team loses his role due to injury or ineffectiveness. But despite their value, these bombers are often held back by managers who believe they can easily be replaced in the exemption corps. Here are some examples:

  • Giovanni Gallegos And the Ryan Hillsley We shared the role of the Cardinals, limiting the fictional value of both players. But both are excellent loyalists who will end the season with plenty of victories and saves.

  • Johan Doran He is the best pitcher in the Minnesota bulls game and can easily handle the 9th inning if Emilio Bagan She was stumbling. Pagan is nowhere near the top level of the closing instruments, which means adding Duran to a trade right now could eventually lead to a big trade win.

  • Diego Castillo And the Paul Swald They share opportunities to save sailors, making both of them a marginal option in the mixed leagues. One of these guys could eventually emerge as a closer full time business, and they could easily be added to the trade right now.

  • Daniel Hudson Obviously the next guy Craig Kimbrel It needs a long reprieve, which it roughly did a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, Hudson should be a great source for pedigrees that also bring in some spin-offs and savings. Very few managers would turn down the deal they liked because of Hudson’s addition.

  • Seranthony Dominguez He is the best pitcher in the precarious Velez stadium. He can escape from their closest role if given the opportunity.

  • tanner hook It was someone who fit this mold a couple of weeks ago. One of Boston’s best shooters, he had a lot of value while working in a variety of roles. He recently racked up his savings and could have been a stunning entry-point into a deal earlier this month.

Let’s finish this week’s article with a couple of guys who should be involved in the many deals to come.

player to trade away

Xander Bogarts (SS, Boston Red Sox)

The Bogarts hit 337, is among the major league leaders in hitting average and likely has boosted the trade value of several leagues. Shortstop owns a .276 xBA, which is in keeping with his career standards, as there’s nothing in his strike rate or racquetball data to suggest he should do better than usual this year. With six rows and three steals, Bogarts didn’t shine with special skills in terms of strength or speed. The 29-year-old remains an important contributor, but his production will decline once the .411 BABIP goes normal.

player to acquire

Juan Soto (national of Washington)

Someone recently asked me on Twitter if it was time to cut Soto into very shallow leagues.

are you kidding me?!

Nats outfielder is one of the best players in baseball and will surely find his best form during the summer. Looking at the Yahoo! The Trade Market page, you’ll see that Soto has recently been involved in trades that looked funny on opening day. As long as his batting average sits near the current 0.218 mark, Sotos will be undervalued in some tournaments.