Updates from Morning Skating – March 19

Broussard – The Canadians held an optional morning skate at the Peel Sports Complex before facing off against the Senators.

Tickets: Senators @ Canadiens

These are the players who hit the ice:

Saturday 19 March
Optional morning ski
F Dr J
17- Josh Anderson 44- Joel Edmondson 34- Jake Allen
41- Paul Byron 27- Alexander Romanov 35- Sam Montembolt
22- Cole Caufield 58 – David Savard 31- Carry price
45- Laurent Dauphin 64- Corey Scheuennmann
92- Jonathan Drouin 20- Chris Weidman
71- Jake Evans
62 – Arturi Laconin
85- Mathieu Perrault
55- Michael Pezzetta
32- Reem Petlik
24- Tyler Betlake

Who enters and who leaves?

Jonathan Drouin is back in the squad after missing his last 22 matches with a wrist injury. He hasn’t played since January 20 against the Golden Knights in Las Vegas.

Josh Anderson, meanwhile, is a match time decision. He has missed the last two games due to a lower body injury.

Brendan Gallagher You won’t play tonight. He suffers daily from an injury to the lower body.

Jake Allen will start.

Tweet from @CanadiensMTL: 🐍🐍🐍 #GoHabsGo pic.twitter.com/UHS7wxYvfE

Welcome back, Joe!

Drouin has been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to coach by Martin St. Louis, and that process could finally begin in earnest after his return.

The eight-year-old veteran is determined to absorb as much information from the Hall of Famer as possible through the end of the season.

“He’s played for a long time and won the Stanley Cup. He’s been an offensive threat and a very good player in this league, so you want to take that knowledge from him, you want to have conversations with him about his way of playing, how he’s seen things, and you kind of want to compare your brains a little bit,” he explained Drouin, who has 20 points (6 goals, 14 assists) this year. “For me to have an offensive player like this, someone who has dominated the league, is a thing. I want to take the opportunity to talk to him and make sure I learn as much as I can.”

Video: Jonathan Drouin on his return from injury

Observing from afar wasn’t easy, but Darwin loves the way his teammates play.

“Watching matches, we have a lot more disc and we play more. We are more in control of the game. We get rid of disc less when we don’t have to. We play on our own terms., not on the other team’s terms,” Drwin noted. “We are not focused on our opponent. We focus on ourselves. The team is playing well. There has been a change since Martin arrived. I tried to come back as fast as I could and I am excited for tonight.”

Speaking of excitement, Sainte-Agathe native and girlfriend Marie-Laurence welcomed a baby boy on February 17.

And he enjoys all that parenthood has to offer.

“It’s amazing,” said Drouin. “It’s probably the biggest blessing I’ve ever received. There are no words for it.” “Every day you come home and pick him up. He’s obviously very young. It’s been a great day for me that day and it’s been a great month to have a baby at home. My family is always there. It’s a very wonderful moment.”

St. Louis-on-Price: “Players like this have a presence”

Carey Price took his rehab efforts a step further on Saturday by participating in an on-ice session with the rest of the group.

There is still no timeline for his return, but things are clearly moving in the right direction.

“Players like that have a presence. Being on the ice with Carrie Price, just as a coach, it’s something special, and I know it’s special for the players too,” said St. Louis. “He’s a very certain player in this league. He’s a veteran, and it’s fun to be back on the ice with the team because he’s been away for such a long time.”

Video: Martin St. Louis pre-match press conference

Newcomer Rem Petlake was thrilled to see the veteran net guard out there on South Beach.

“It’s amazing. He’s a great goalkeeper. This is my first time skating with him and it’s really nice to be there with him,” Petlake said. “I’ve always been a fan of Montreal Canadiens and Carey Price and history of all of that. He’s an amazing goalkeeper so it’s great to be back on the ice.”

Tweet from @CanadiensMTL: Carey sur la glace avec l’��quipe. Price with group. #GoHabsGo pic.twitter.com/FWFktnDnmX

Pitlick: hoping to stay

Betlake has had success since joining the Canadians in mid-January.

The 24-year-old striker scored 17 points (6 goals and 11 assists) in 25 matches.

While signing a contract extension is not necessarily his top priority at the moment, he is enjoying the opportunity to extend his stay with the organization.

“I’m just trying to care now, and hopefully the future will take care of itself. But, I’m not going to lie to say I hope to be a part of the Montreal Canadiens going forward. This was an amazing experience and I loved every second of it,” Betlake insisted. “That’s my hope, but it’s not in my control. I’m just trying to do everything I can to take care of it now, so I hope the future will take care of itself.”

Video: Rem Pitlick on Carey Price Returns to Practice

The University of Minnesota product has been claimed from concessions from Minnesota Wild.