Updates from practice – April 8

TORONTO – The Canadians held an elective practice at the Ford Performance Center on Friday.

These are the players who ice skated:

Friday April 8
optional exercise
F Dr J
45- Laurent Dauphin 43- Cali Clay 35- Sam Montembolt
85- Mathieu Perrault 54 – Jordan Harris 31- Carry price
55- Michael Pezzetta 84- William Lagson
25- Ryan Bowling 26- Jeff Petri
64- Corey Scheuennmann

quick hits

During his post-training press conference, interim coach Martin St. Louis said Jeff Petrie is “very close” to returning to the squad after missing the last seven games with a lower body injury.

There is a chance that Petrie will play the Maple Leafs on Saturday night at the Scotiabank Arena.

Meanwhile, St-Louis isn’t expecting Carrie Price to make his highly anticipated debut for the highly anticipated season opposite Toronto. The team takes things “day to day” in its case.

Price, who underwent knee surgery last July, returned to the team in training on Monday.

Tweet from @CanadiensMTL: On va juste mettre �� a ici … Carey! We’ll leave this here… Carey!

St. Louis-on-Price: ‘He’ll let us know when he’s ready’

Sam Montembeault was the last player to share his impressions of Price during training.

Montembolt says the veteran net guard looks sharp and ready to serve.

“The guys struggle to score on him. When he came back, what impressed me the most was that when the guys got ready to shoot, they freaked out,” Montembelt said. “He’s so big in front of the net. He’s an excellent goalkeeper, and the guys are having a hard time scoring. I think he’s ready, and I’m excited to see him in action.”

Video: Samuel Montembolt on his impressions of Carrie Price

However, the deadline for Bryce to play remains a mystery.

St. Louis was adamant that number 31 himself would eventually make the call.

“I think Carrie will let us know when he feels it is time,” the Hall of Famer stressed. “He’ll let us know when he’s ready.”

Regardless of Price’s schedule, though, St. Louis has been impressed by the way he handled his comeback bid.

“It’s hard work. It’s not just hard physical work, I think mentally he might have challenged this year in terms of just staying sane, taking a step forward and then two steps back,” St. Louis noted. “Sometimes it’s hard to find some clarity with this process, but Carrie, since I joined the board, I feel like he’s been a professional at it and trying to take care of each day as best he can.”

Video: Martin St. Louis on Carrie Price’s situation

Harris: Watching and Learning

Jordan Harris made the most of his night in New Jersey as a health scratcher.

The 21-year-old watched the competition closely from the Prudential Center press box to further his understanding of the Canadians’ playing style.

“It was good to see from the press level. The coach has different systems and concepts, like movement across the neutral zone, and it’s good to see from that point of view. It’s tougher on the ice, it’s a lot faster,” explained Harris, who has two games of The NHL is under his belt, that it’s tougher on TV with camera angles and everything. “Just seeing it from the top, look at the game as a whole, it was fine.”

Video: Jordan Harris watching from the New Jersey Press Trust

The Northeastern University producer says he “taken some mental notes” as the Hab headed toward victory.

He’s not sure if he’ll take on the Maple Leafs, but he’ll enjoy the chance to experience the competition firsthand.

“It would be great, especially with Toronto, all of their talent and being such a historic franchise,” Harris said. “It would be really special to be a part of.”

Trying to stop sniper Auston Matthews would also be exciting.

“What a season he’s been having,” Harris added. “He’s a special player.” “It would be very interesting to face a competition like that.”

Matthews currently leads the league with 56 goals, six ahead of Edmonton’s Leon Drystle.