Van Jefferson reveals the ‘proper’ name he and his wife gave their newborn baby at Super Bowl Sunday

van jefferson instagram

van jefferson instagram

Van Jefferson reveals the name of his newborn son, who arrived shortly after the player won the Super Bowl this year.

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver, 25, shared the baby’s name with PEOPLE in an upcoming magazine this week.

“We decided to champion Jefferson,” he told People. “It’s very fitting. It’s very fitting for the kind of situation we just went through.”

The soccer star explained the inspiration behind the special name, telling people, “A hero has the meaning of a warrior, and I’m all about having meaning. [in] A name, so I think that’s a perfect fit for him.”

Jefferson says his wife Samaria, who was in labor during the LVI Super Bowl during his team’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals on February 13, is also a “fighter, too, to go through what she’s been through” Champ Curtis brought Jefferson to the world.

“Even coming into the game and he’s leaving at half the time, so she has a warrior spirit, so we thought it was appropriate for him to have the same,” says the new dad.

rams & # 39;  Van Jefferson and his wife Samira welcome their second child after she went into labor in the middle of the Super Cup

Van Jefferson of the Rams and his wife Samaria welcome their second child after she went into labor in the middle of the Super Cup

van jefferson instagram

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The athlete posted a photo on his Instagram Story shortly after the big game, showing himself lying on a bed while cuddling Champ in his arms.

“X2!!!!!” Fan commented on the emotional moment.

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The couple – who are high school sweethearts – are also parents to 5-year-old daughter Bella. Van is also the father of a 4-year-old son.

Samaria first announced her pregnancy in September with a cute Instagram post about Fan’s arm around her as they walked together on the beach, and Bella led the picnic. The family also went hand in hand when Samaria first released its baby bump with vintage-themed Polaroid snapshots.

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“7 years ago, September 19, 2014, the day you asked me to be your high school girlfriend. We went from being high school sweethearts, bringing our firstborn into the world, and then enduring what seemed to be the toughest and longest separation,” Samaria wrote in the emotional post. “7 years later, and HS’s 16-year-old girlfriend is now your wife and the mother of our second child together”

She told Van that she had “always known” that he was her “companion” and “the person God created for me.”

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And Samaria, speaking at a time when they weren’t together, continued, “No matter how complete I feel inside me, I’ve always felt that there’s still a part of me missing in you. I didn’t really know how, when, or if we saw the light again, but we We left him to God. And he made a way. 7 is the number of completeness and perfection. And he made two of the most flawed people perfect for each other again. And he perfected my heart and my family again.”

Samaria concluded, “To my husband and my new baby, I love you both 06.15.2021.”

For more on Van Jefferson and his Samaria wife, pick up the people’s case on Friday newsstands.