Vanessa Hudgens talks to Kelly Clarkson, communicating with the spirits

There is no news that Vanessa Hudgens became famous for her role in the music trilogy “High school musical.” However, she continued to demonstrate great skill throughout his acting career.

Not only is she a talented actress, but she is also a singer with two studio albums.V ” in 2006 and “Identified” in 2008.

Hudgens seems to have a not-so-new ability under the belt, which involves paranormal experiences. She revealed this during her appearance on “Kelly Clarkson Show “ while sharing the inspiration behind her feature in “High school musical. ”

Vanessa Hudgens says Kelly Clarkson once inspired her


Powerless ” the star grew up doing theater, and Clarkson was active at the time “American Idol,” which she won. Her win motivated Hudgens to want to compete in the program.

However, the following week, he received an audition for “High school musical,” and she continued to do so, calling him “Detach” the “catalyst” singer behind her step.

There are a few people that Clarkson considered a “must-watch” in the film industry, and Hudgens was one of them, as the singer called her captivating.

The “Bad guys for life” the actress still remembered the beginning “High school musical,” which the Grammy Award winner twice noted was sixteen years ago. She said:

“I certainly remember the auditions, because there were many. There were literally three of them, but I seem to remember them distinctly. ”

The movie star mentioned that she remembered meeting some of her colleagues, including Zach Efron, who played the lead role of Troy Bolton in the musical.

Despite the number of years since its launch “High school musical,” fans still love the production, including Clarkson’s daughter.

The singer then asked if Hudgens had heard from the younger children who had just discovered the film and they did not understand that the film was produced a long time ago.

Fortunately, the guest of the show still looks the same after years, thanks to the “good eyelashes”, but she also said that the musicals tend to live for generations. She called it the “magic of musicals.”

The conversation continued to detail Hudgens’ musical career and her relationship with a baseball player. She took a step back from music early in her career, saying she needed to figure out what she wanted to do.

However, if she goes that way again, she wants to be her true self, using her voice.

As for her relationship, Hudgens’ husband plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Clarkson wanted to know if he knew anything about the game. The icon admitted that he had no idea at first, but now he knows how the game works.

Turning to the ghost performer’s obsession, which he said is not a new passion because he has had previous experiences over the years.

When she was eight, Hudgens remembered a frightening moment as she was preparing for school, where she saw a toy figure moving beside her as she walked.

She admitted that she stopped the capacity for a while because it was scary; however, the artist is now embracing him because he called her a gift.

The 33-year-old recently made her first paranormal investigation in a cemetery involving interesting equipment, among which the spirit box is her favorite. The device scans radio frequencies and allows spirits to speak through it.

Hudgens recalled using the spirit box with her best friend to communicate with a playful spirit who mentioned their name through the device.

The couple ended the show with a discussion about Bandslam The star’s latest Fabletics collection, which included comfortable training outfits and a few other chic and affordable clothes.

Princess Switch ” Star is romantically involved with another “High school musical” Distribution colleague

Fans around the world loved Hudgens and Efron’s love outside of musicals; Unfortunately, their love affair ended five years later.

However, the actor was not alone “High school musical”A member of the cast he met, like The Blast revealed her relationship with Austin Butler. The latter acted as Ashley Tisdale’s love interest in the fourth part of the film.

Hudgens first met Butler in 2005, but she was involved with Efron at the time. After their breakup in 2010, those “The Beast” The actress met Butler and they went public in 2011.

They had a long relationship, which lasted nine years, and in 2020, the couple broke up. The Disney personality is in a love affair with the famous baseball player Cole Tucker.