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Celebrated the World College Championship 75 years From the Air Force during the Heroes of the Heartland game at Charles Schwab Field in Omaha, June 21.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force General David W. Alvin He attended the celebration in which he appeared F-16 Flying Falcon The upper bridge, the playing of the national anthem and the swearing-in ceremony.

“The World College Championships is a great event for us to celebrate 75 years of being the greatest air force,” Alvin said. “From our inception, the Omaha metropolitan community has been a tremendous supporter of uniformed people, and I cannot thank them enough for all they do for us.”

The flyover of two F-16s was carried out by the 114th Fighter Wing in South Dakota Air National Guard.

for their performance of the national anthem, the US Air Force Division, The Heart of America Join the six members of Air Force American Heritage Ensemble From Langley Eustis Joint BaseVirginia, to create a special band to celebrate this historic occasion.

“Moments like these serve as opportunities for us to tell communities across the country that for 75 years, the USAF has defended the nation, deterred our enemies, made allies, and aided diplomacy around the world.” Captain David Neil RegnerHe is the leader of the band Heartland of America and the leader of the band America Heritage.

“Having the opportunity to be a part of the Heritage and Heartland of America’s joint collaboration is one of the highlights of my career in the Air Force,” said Pilot Jeffrey Johnson, First Class Pilot, of Heartland of America. “Having the opportunity to serve, and to bring thousands of American citizens together to show our respect for the freedom this great country provides, was an experience like no other.”

“It’s not easy to get musicians from another group Offut (AFB) For an even more exciting representation at such an important event in the Omaha area,” Daniel Throrer, Heartland Band of America.” It is an absolute pleasure to work with highly skilled professionals who have made every aspect of this happen unimpeded, and it is a testament to their Professionalism throughout the entire Air Force in its multifaceted mission that keeps this nation safe.”

For the 10 new Air Force and Space Force recruits, being sworn in before the CWS by VCSAF is something they won’t soon forget as they embark on their new career as pilots and guardians.

“It’s a great honor,” said Josh Martinez, a recruit to the Space Force. “For me, it means that the military values ​​someone like me, taking the first step in their journey.”

For more than 75 years now, pilots around the world have accomplished the Air Force mission, and for one night at heart, Hobby America took a moment to say thank you.

“We are so grateful to the College World Series for helping us celebrate this historic milestone in our history,” Alvin said. “It was a really great evening in the heart of the country.”