Video: Lions CB Jeff Okudah Runs Again 5 Months After Hock Injury

Detroit Lions quarterback Jeff Okudah likely still has a long way to go in his recovery from an Achilles tendon injury in early September, but he has taken an important step in his rehabilitation.

On Tuesday Okudah posted to his Instagram Stories a video of him running at a very dangerous pace over small hurdles. The caption on the video reads, “22/2/22, day 159.” It is clear that Okuda takes this rehabilitation very seriously.

We haven’t heard from Okudah since his injury in the first week of the season, but several coaches and teammates have provided sporadic updates throughout the year.

“Jeff is doing a good job in his rehabilitation,” general manager Brad Holmes said in January. “What I love about him is that he wanted to stay involved and be around as much as possible. I just hated him when he got injured because he was in such a good place, just mentally and physically and when he got injured it was devastating. But it was another part of what we had to live with. And, you know, the next guy. But we’re expecting Jeff to come back with us and I know he’s on the right track. He’s in a good place.”

The recovery process from a hock injury is one of the longest running sports injuries. It often takes players more than a full year to get back to their full strength. Recently, Rams running back Cam Akers provided an inspiring ride, remarkably making his way onto the field more than five months after he tore his Achilles. However, his recovery – superbly broken down by Jordan Rodrigue of The Athletic – requires experimental treatment. It’s unclear if Okuda is going through anything similar.

However, he looks set to play in 2022.

“In one of my first conversations with coach (Dan) Campbell, we were in extended rows during training and he walks up and says, ‘Hey man, how are you? Coach Campbell. We’re ready to get you rolling in special teams right away, and the faster you learn this defense, the faster you’ll be on the field.

“It was the first time a head coach had said something like this to me. Live with me. So refreshing. It was different from what I am used to.”

  • On Monday night, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler appeared to suggest that the Saints’ new defensive coordinator might come from an internal promotion. That means defensive lions coach Aubrey Pleasant will return to Detroit. However, the language still left an opportunity to hire Pleasant.
  • I wanted to end this by talking about Neil Paulson. You might not recognize the name, but you might recognize his Twitter handle Tweet embed Or the website of the same name. Unfortunately, Neil was taken from us the Saturday before the Super Bowl when he died unexpectedly.

I owe my entire writing career to Neal, because he has been blogging about the Detroit Lions for over a decade and, along with Ty Schalter, has been a huge inspiration to me. They demonstrated that sports writing doesn’t have to be a rote experience, and that the fan perspective was worth its weight in gold for serious fanatics like myself.

At the time, I hadn’t read anything like Neil. It was beautifully written. Passionately written. Books with damned loins. The rudeness may have pulled some people away, but those rude and sloppy vibes are exactly what drew me. Neil was clear, but he never felt coercive or unjustified. Sometimes the Lion of Fans felt like fiendish demons were ripping off our limbs and feeding on our guts.

I’m not very good at expressing feelings or paying tribute. Sometimes on this site I’ve tried to emulate Neil by sneaking some creative writing here, but I immediately stopped and left it to the professionals.

I was and still am completely sad about Neil’s passing. If you know Neil, or even if you don’t know him, I highly recommend this worthy tribute to Neil’s life by Shelter.