Warriors F Draymond Green fined $25,000

Draymond Green did not appreciate his fans at the Memphis Grizzlies after his injury. The NBA did not appreciate his response.

The league hit the Golden State Warriors striker with a $25,000 fine for “making an obscene gesture toward the spectators’ stands” during Game Two of the Warriors’ Series Two second round against Memphis. This “obscene gesture” would be green lighting up the double bird at Grizzlies fans who were booing him as he walked into the locker room.

The incident occurred early in the first quarter of Game 2, just seconds after Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks was sent off by Warriors’ second Gary Payton for a severe foul that resulted in a broken elbow.

Green was dashing for a loose ball alongside Memphis striker Xavier Tillman, who swung his left arm and grabbed Green in the face with a stiff elbow. The green immediately fell to the ground while play continued, with no fault of the play. Once the warriors could summon the timeout, Green left for the locker room with his bloodshot right eye.

On his way out, Green, who was kicked out of Game 1 due to a Flagrant 2 bug, decides to send a message to Memphis fans:

Green returned to the game early in the second quarter, eventually scoring six points, 10 rebounds, and seven assists in a 106-101 loss that tied the series.

After the match, Green did not completely regret it. He said Grizzlies fans deserve to turn to the injured player’s boos, and said it “feels really good” to do so, noting that the low five-figure fine is a pocket change for the player with his salary:

“You’re going to boo someone with squinting eyes and blood running down their face, you should flip. I’ll take the fine. I’ll go do a look and fix the money. It was really good for their heart.”

“You will boo someone who rolls in the eye and bleeds [his] Face? I could have had a concussion or something. So if they’re going to be that obnoxious, I can be obnoxious too. I suppose the cheers were because they knew I would be fined. Great, I make $25 million a year, I should be doing just fine.”

Green’s fine wasn’t the biggest penalty ever imposed on Game 2, Brooks was suspended in Game 3 for his foul on Payton.

Game 3 is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. PT on Saturday in San Francisco, with the Warriors winning by 6.5 points to take a 2-1 lead in the series according to BetMGM.

Draymond Green missed most of the first quarter after taking an elbow in the face against the Grizzlies. (AP Photo/Brandon Dale)