What does that mean for Nebraska?

quarterback board for Nebraska It’s been fun watching since the mummies brought in the new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple From House. Looks like Whipple has got his leg up.

The Huskers saw continued success after two junior days in January and secured their second commitment in recent days. This time the middle was William Watson of Springfield (Massachusetts).

Here are some quick ideas and the Watson Commitment Bear and what it means for Peel.

Latest Nebraska Commit 2023 QB William Watson (Nick Lucero / Rivals.com)

1. Whipple gets on his leg. Watson was a relative unknown to Nebraska fans prior to his Little Day visit last month. Watson had gotten an offer from Pete before Whipple joined the coach Scott FrostLincoln employees.

2. This is a brilliant example of how hiring a quarterback is supposed to work. Whipple has the name and has taken the time to rate and recruit players he feels are right in his insults. He could cast a wide net and he could get them to follow him.

3. The offensive side of the ball is well supported for the tip of the 2023 class. Four of the five known commitments are on the offensive side of the ball. The other three offensive commitments are all state conscripts.

4. This is definitely a sign of things to come. Nebraska shows that the events of Junior’s Day reflect a rise in their seriousness toward the recruit. I expect a similar series of successful beginner days starting in March and I expect success to follow. Unlike last month for Official Visitors in June which resulted in only three commitments (and Nebraska lost one for canceling the commitment months later).

5. Watson knew the outcome. Quarterback Recruitment is the ultimate game for musical chairs. When there is a place available for someone to jump. Nebraska seemed to love the other quarterbacks with Watson, J.J. Cole and Avery Johnson. Cole visited twice while the Huskers were trying to get Johnson after basketball. Not to mention the pressure that would have escalated if Nebraska missed the big three, and Gretna’s Zane Flores (Neb.) decided he was leaving the state.

6. Many wondered what the offense would look like when coach Whipple was brought in. If the Watson movie is any indication, there will still be a number of quarterback courses designed. Having a quarterback knows when to flex it and run would be a huge advantage. Watson has some nice straight-line speed, but he also has some quick feet and gentle movements in tight spaces to free him up.

7. The relationship between Whipple and Watson must bear fruit. As I reported on “Three and Out” last week, there is a long-term relationship going back to the sixth grade for Watson and Whipple. Watson had to say this about Coach Whipple’s offense after visiting the Juniors:

“With his attack there is an answer for every situation. Every defense has an answer for it and he has several plays like that. I feel the way I can read defense is perfect for both of us.”

8. 2023 Commitment to detail

1. 4/2/2021 – Ben Brahmer – TE – 6-foot-6, 200-pound – Pierce, Nebraska – 3 stars

2. 6/26/2021 – Gunnar Gottula – OT – 6-foot-6, 255 pounds – Lincoln, Nebraska – 4 stars

3. 1/31/2022 – Dwight Bottle – CP – 5ft-11, 165lbs – Miami, Florida – 3 stars

4. 2/20/2022 – Sam Sledge – OL – 6-foot-4, 270 lbs – Omaha, NE – 3 stars

5. 2/22/2022 – William Watson – QB – 6ft-1, 180lbs – Springfield, Massachusetts – 3 stars

9. 2023 Commitment to detail according to the situation

1 – Quarterback

0 – running backward

0 – wide receiver

1 – narrow end

2 – offensive navigators

0 – defensive intervention

0 – defensive end

0 – outside back

0 – Inside Back

0 – safety

1 – Back Corner

0 – Athletic

0 – Special Teams

10. Where are they from?

3 – Nebraska

1 – Florida

1 – Massachusetts