What would Aaron Rodgers’ trade look like outside of Green Bay?

The Is it or not Epic surrounds the characters of Aaron Rodgers for his final off-season role.

And for what it’s worth, his options seem simple enough.

Rodgers can stay in Green Bay – where he’s won back-to-back MVPs and tortured fans in Chicago, Detroit and Minnesota – and aim for a second Super Bowl, Cover fallouts must be sealed. Or, Rodgers and Packers could have a meeting of minds, find a trade, and do something that could satisfy both sides of the table. The former becomes more likely with each passing day. But, the latter, trade, cannot be excluded from control.

Don’t get me wrong. No team wants to trade their quarterback division, certainly not like Rodgers, whose identity is closely tied to the tradition of the franchise. But one look at the Saints’ situation (Drew Bryce re) — the QB, the head coach who called him quits, and the murky water in front of him — shouldn’t have provided enough of a cautionary tale for the Green Bay management team.

In some circles, Rodgers’ trade seems like a logical consequence of that arc. And in the latest NFL Draft Pro Football Focus, Austin Gayle puts together what one might look like with the Denver Broncos. As one might expect, it’s big.

You receive packages:

⇒ First round picks in 2022 (9th overall) and 2023

⇒ 2022 second round pick (40 total) and 2022 third round pick (75 total)

Bronco receiving:

⇒ Aaron Rodgers (one-year contract, $26.9 million)

Packers can (and should) demand more in the trade, as only the first-round picks feel a bit light. However, it is a solid show. Although I’m not sure if it would be enough for Green Bay to give it the go-ahead.

At the end of the day, Gayle thinks it’s “writing on the wall” for Rodgers to take his talents elsewhere in 2022. He’s even gone so far as to showcase the trade and what Green Bay will do with its new picks. And since the Broncos brought in former Packers OC Nathaniel Hackett as their head coach, Gayle described Denver as a “potential business destination” if the two sides could work out an agreement. You don’t have to stare to see where this makes sense. It just doesn’t look like it will pass.

Again, logically, this makes sense. Especially since the Broncos were hot after Rodgers on enlistment day last year. But I find it hard to see that happening now. In all honesty, I see the potential for a deal to become less likely with each passing day. It adds nothing for Green Bay to push Rodgers out the door. Perhaps that wouldn’t be the case if Jordan Love was able to show off anything worthwhile on his great start. he did not do. And that there was such a notable push from the Packers to express their desire to restart it, it certainly looks like a restart with the Rodgers would be the most likely outcome.

The Packers have made public displays of affection for Rodgers since they were sent off by 49 players in the playoffs. During his MVP acceptance speech, Rodgers spoke glowingly about the team, its coach, and the front office. Green Bay appears willing to go to the Broken to bring Rodgers back, and appears willing to accept those terms.

Maybe we’ll get clarification on the matter later in the week…

…or maybe this will continue to slow (even though Rodgers has said he won’t do it again). stay tuned