What you need to know about the teams ahead of the Knicks in the knockout race

The Knicks finished the regular season one year ago with a sparkling kick 16-4 to secure the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference, marking their first post-season appearance since 2013.

Little about this season hasn’t been like this for Tom Tibodo’s second season at the helm, but they probably need a similar closing run until they hit 7-10 playing scenarios in an improved east.

With 23 games remaining after their return from an All-Star break that began with Friday’s visit to Miami, the Knicks are three games behind Charlotte and Atlanta in games nine and 10 of the playoff in their conference. The 12th-placed Knicks, who have lost seven of their last eight games before the break, are two games behind Washington No. 11.

With the Nets in eighth place leading six full games ahead of the Knicks – and soon planning to add injured Kevin Durant and newly acquired Ben Simmons three-time All-Stars – here’s a breakdown of the remaining teams to compete for the final two berths of play.

9. Hornets, 29-31

Charlotte appeared to have one of the most improved teams in the league at 28-22 with 50 games on January 28, but James Borrego’s side lost nine of their last 10 games before the break.

LaMelo Ball has the Hornets in a prime position in the post-season NBA.
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All-star goalkeeper Lamelo Paul leads the Hornets for the first time in points (20.0) and assists (7.5) in every game, and Miles Bridges is the number one contender for the league’s Most Valuable Player award, which was won last year by Knicks forward Julius. Randall.

Front office Michael Jordan also picked valuable reserve man Montrezel Harrell on the trade deadline, but the Hornets were recently hit by the absence of ground-spacing winger Gordon Hayward (16.1 ppi) since February 7 due to a left ankle injury with no return schedule.

what’s left?: The Hornets will play 13 of their 22 home games remaining, with an opponent’s overall win percentage of 0.490, including two games against the Knicks.

10. Hawkes, 28-30

Atlanta also fell behind the team that knocked out the Knicks in five games in the first round of the playoffs and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals before losing to eventual NBA champion Milwaukee in six games.

MSG nemesis Trae Young is fifth in the league with scoring (27.8 points per gallon) and fourth in assists (9.3), and Clint Capella is still a monster on the boards (12.1 rebounds per game). But De’Andre Hunter missed two months in the first half with wrist surgery, and striker John Collins sustained a heel injury just before the break.

what’s left?: The Falcons have 11 home games and 13 road contests remaining, with the fifth best opponent winning (.483) in the league. They visited the park on March 22nd.

11. The Witches, 27-31

Already without All-Star guard and main scorer Bradley Beal this season due to left wrist surgery earlier this month, the Wizards pitched Harrell to Charlotte and former Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddy and Davis Bertans to Dallas on the trade deadline.

Christapps Porcings No. 6 of the Washington Wizards Warm up
Kristaps Buzingis has yet to play for the Wizards since coming on the trade deadline.
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The former Knicks Rhino Knicks Porzingis hasn’t played since arriving from the Mavericks or since Jan. 29 due to recurring knee pain, and the Wizards entered the first half by scoring 4-10 in their last 14 games before the break.

what’s left?: Washington also has a home road 11/13 that divides the rest of the way. But schedule-setting power is even more favorable than Atlanta at .472, the fourth-lowest record for opponents in the league.

12. Knicks, 25 – 34

Could veteran goalkeeper Derek Rose’s eventual return from ankle surgery in December have the effect of his mid-season acquisition one year ago?

Thibodeau vowed that “everything is on the table” regarding his rotation after the break, but stubbornly refused to change his usual rotation or find more minutes for the likes of Obi Tobin, Quentin Grimes (until recently) or January’s Cam Reddish pickup (from The Hawks) on A brutal 3-13 slip since they were 22-21 and into a playoff on January 15th.

what’s left?: The Knicks have a roughly equal split between the house games (11) and road games remaining (12), although their records in the park (13-17) and away (12-17) are about the same. Their schedule is the most difficult of these four teams, and fourth hardest in the league at 0.529 – starting with their next four games against Miami, Philadelphia (twice) and Phoenix.