Where Hoosiers’ NCAA Tournament Chances Stand to Enter the Final Week of the Season, According to CBS Sports

Indiana’s fifth straight basketball loss, Monday’s 80-69 loss to overtime at No. 22 Ohio State, wasn’t the score the Hoosiers needed while making their NCAA championship case. However, at 16-10 overall and 7-9 against the Big Ten plays, coach of the first year Mike WoodsonA team that still has a way to go to the big dance. Matt Norlander and Jerry Palm of CBS Sports hacked the Indiana appeal Monday on CBS Sports HQ.

“Well, they strayed a little bit overall,” Norlander said. “Mike Woodson He prides himself on how strong and defensive he is as a coach, and Indiana certainly had the toughness and reliability earlier in the season versus what we’ve seen now. …so the Indiana team is noteworthy because its position, in terms of making the championship, is most vulnerable. …I guess Indiana fans didn’t expect them to look up sort of in late February and think, “Well, is there really a possibility that we could play ourselves off the field?”

The Hoosiers were 16-7, 7-4 after their last win on Jan. 29 in Maryland. They have a chance to get back on track against the Terrapins again Thursday, at 7 p.m. ET.

β€œFor the state of Indiana, their problem is that their schedule is not very good β€” driven by a very poor schedule outside of conventions,” Palm said. “But the nice thing about Indiana is that they don’t have a bad loss. But they don’t have enough really good wins. But they beat Purdue at home. They beat Ohio State at home… a neutral court win over Notre Dame, or at least a neutral court like Indianapolis for IU, that’s three wins over teams that are currently in the category and likely to stay in the arc.

β€œ…that is why Indiana is in and out of the bottom bracket and North Carolina is still out is that Indiana has found a way to get at least a couple of quality gains, albeit on their own land, and avoid the kinds of losses that really drive you Down the arc. And it’s going to be really important… Their last match was at Mackey (Arena) against Purdue. So they should take advantage of opportunities like this when they get ’em. “

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After Maryland, Indiana in Minnesota next Sunday at 6pm EST with the Golden Gophers. Next week, Wednesday’s game at 7 p.m. ET against the Bubbly Arches Rutgers and then the morning of March 5th in fourth-place Purdue, provides one last pivotal show for the Hoosiers before a chance to make more of a hype in the Big Ten Tournament March 9-12.