Where is Miles Turner’s place on the new Pacers roster?

The 2021-22 NBA season has been a long one for the Indiana Pacers. Miles Turner has missed an important time this season, and the Pacers are a much different team than the team he last took on the field with.

Miles Turner will finally get a chance to play the Five for the Indiana Pacers. With Domantas Sabonis gone, how does Miles fit into this Pacers roster?

He starts defending. Miles has made defense the centerpiece of his game over the past few seasons while slowly improving his shot from behind the arc. In each of his first four seasons, he increased his three-point percentage.

Before a foot injury kept Turner on the sidelines for 17 consecutive games, Miles was leading the league in total blocks and blocks in every game. There is little doubt that blocking a shot is his strength.

With the addition of Therese Halliburton, the Pacers are better at defending the ball than Sabonis, and his smaller speed and frame give him an easier time turning into players.

This helps Turner to be less of a cleaning man for defensive mistakes and more effective in various defensive schemes – fewer points are allowed for the other team.

Of course, his offensive role will be expanded. That’s exactly what Turner has been upfront about this season — the clarity of the role. The Pacers no longer have to start two positions, the stage is for him.

“I’ve been given a lot of roles in my years here, and I feel like I’ve been able to produce at a high level in the roles I’ve been given,” Turner said.

“I’ve shown that I can do the things they ask me to do, and I think it’s time to put it all together and be more visible at night and spend the night on the offensive side of the ball rather than someone else who was asked to be a lander and hide in the shadows” .

We’ve already seen what Miles could do while playing without Sabonis only once this season, before Myles got hurt and Sabonis was removed from the roster.

It was in a game against the Houston Rockets that the Pacers won by 12 points and Turner would score his second highest point of the season.

In the game, Turner shot very well. In fact, 14 of his 18 shots were good and he finished the match with 32 points along with 10 rebounds.

It was as if the gates were open for Turner. He would attack the basket with ease, shoot the ball comfortably, and run with Karis Levert.

Imagine Miles Turner now being paired with Teresa Halliburton’s high-level passing abilities – the possibilities are endless. In my opinion, Turner will thrive on screen and in the pop role with a new style of play for the Indiana Pacers.

Although the Saboins were the double machine, rebounding shouldn’t be much different than Turner, having scored 10 or more rebounds in 10 of the 42 games he’s played this season.

He’s had some difficulties this season in this division, but we are now looking at a fresh start with a fresh roster. I think Turner would be a lot different in rebounding just by the different positioning he would have in that system.

Rick Carlisle has announced that he will use Miles Turner as a potential threat this season, but he didn’t really take shape before his injury. Instead, Isaiah Jackson has been more of a take on this role lately.

However, Chris Duarte was able to connect with Turner for one in this game against the Rockets, perhaps a sign of how Carlisle wanted to play all along?

I don’t think the strike threat is dead with Turner, in fact, I think that’s the real beginning of how Carlisle wants to manage the attack. Really great read from a newbie that got me excited about the future of Pacers basketball.

I think Miles would have the ability to play more freely, which would be great for letting him choose when to be aggressive and not making him feel stuck or compelled to shoot some three.

The Indiana Pacers have reported that Turner will look forward to returning to work after the All-Star break. Until then, Therese Halliburton is a smoothie.