Why was Tua Tagovailoa wearing Bulldogs gear on Tuesday?

It took a while for former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, but it finally came on Tuesday in a bet that surely delighted Bulldog fans everywhere.

Tagovailoa is photographed wearing a Georgia jersey after making a friendly bet in the National Championship game with Ann Noland, director of football communications for the Miami Dolphins, a 2015 University of Georgia graduate.

Noland relived the short finish in December, when Georgia’s loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship resulted in her donning a Crimson Tide shirt during a Dolphins press conference.

This time, her university gave her the last laugh.

“It took a full 6 weeks of waiting, but Tua is still a guy who sticks to his word (despite eye swaying), finally losing the National Championship in a big move today,” Noland wrote on social media. “How do they doggies! #GoDawgs… and as always, #FinsUp”

Tagovailoa, who has just finished his second season with the Dolphins, has plenty of experience with Georgia outside of his friendly bets with Noland.

Tagovailoa was called off the bench during the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship game and played the champ on Crimson Tide. Tagovailoa was 14 of 24 passing for 166 yards with three touchdowns and one interception and handed a 41-yard hit to DeVonta Smith who gave Alabama an overtime 26-23 win over Georgia.

Tagoviloa was the Crimson Tide quarterback for the 2018 SEC Championship before being pulled in favor of Jalen Hurts, who started the 2018 national title match. Tagoviloa left what was ultimately a 35-28 victory in Alabama after going 10 of 25 passes for 164 yards with a touchdown One and two objections.

Tagovailoa probably smiled in December when Alabama beat Georgia 41-24 to lead Crimson Tide to the top seed in the playoffs and drop Bulldog to third.

However, those smiles were likely not present when the rematch finally arrived.

Georgia and Alabama competed back and forth in the national title match in January before the Bulldogs ended the deal late. Quarterback Stetson Bennett IV’s 15-yard pass to the end of the Brock Bowers court followed by Kelee Ringo’s 79-yard pick-up was enough to secure Georgia’s 33-18 win and give the Bulldogs their first National title since 1980.

If Tagovailoa and Noland plan to place another bet about Georgia and Alabama playing each other, it will likely be in the SEC Championship game. According to FBSchedules.com, the Bulldogs are not scheduled to play Crimson Tide in the regular season for the next four years.

Tagovailoa is looking to build his second season in the NFL during which he completed just under 68 percent of his attempts for 2,653 yards with 16 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.