Wilcher recruiting fellow five-star prospect

Two current five-star players committed to the 2023 UNC Basketball Recruitment category are adding another player to the mix.

With Simeon Wilcher and Gregory “GG” Jackson, two five-star players, already committed to the UNC Basketball Recruitment Class of 2023, Hubert Davis and his crew got off to a great start with this respective group.

However, although the Tar Heels are very happy to have two five-star talents headed to Chapel Hill, it doesn’t look like they’ve finished adding to this category just yet.

As we saw recently with Armando Bacot, players certainly aren’t afraid to recruit other top talent into the UNC basketball program. This also applies to new recruits, as the duo Welcher and Jackson look to help attract another top 10 potential graduating class.

Wilshere recently appeared on The Front Office Podcast, where he was asked if he was helping with the recruitment efforts. The Russell, New Jersey native said he and Jackson are actively recruiting Matas Puzelis, the No. 4 ranked player of the 2023 class according to 247 Sports.

“Matas. This is what we are trying to get. We’re trying to get Matas. Matas was complete, I wouldn’t say complete, but that would be a force to be reckoned with. Especially with Seth [Trimble] And all those guys that will be there when we get there, I think it’s all going to work out. We really have a chance to win it, rather than fall short.”

Wilshere seems to be thinking ahead, as he thinks Buzelis will be one of the missing pieces to fit right in with the players the Tar Heels have already brought into the fold. From Wilcher’s comments, he appears to think that the UNC basketball program has a very good chance of attracting him to Chapel Hill.

For the recruiting perspective, there’s a lot to like about North Carolina. Not only did they have a massive run in the NCAA Championship game, but they also brought back the majority of their influential players from that team.

In addition, the program has two highly employable coming semesters working their way onto campus. As the veteran players on the current roster head toward the end of their collegiate careers, there will be plenty of opportunities for new players to thrive in the Davis system.

It’s pretty safe to say that Tar Heels fans are hoping the duo of Wilcher and Jackson will help UNC’s basketball recruiting class get even stronger by adding a player of Matas Buzelis’ caliber.

Without a doubt, this potential trio is definitely going to be fun.

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