Wolves 138, Bucks 119: Minnesota’s full effort earns another big win

How bout them Timberwolves, eh?

This team has just found a way to take such a business-like attitude in every game, and their confidence and courage continues to grow with every win.

Once again, early wolves find themselves double digits, which seems to happen in every single game these days.

The fan base brought a stadium-like atmosphere to the arena, and the team responded with a landslide victory over the NBA champions, even if they were missing Giannis Antetokounmpo.

It’s hard to say a lot of good things about a performance like this. Patrick Beverly, the heart and soul of this team, was sent off in the first quarter along with George Hill after a scuffle that involved both players, as well as Serge Ibaka and Turian Prince. It was easy for the wolves to stumble or lose their focus. Earlier in the season, they likely have. But not now.

Now, Wolves are keeping their focus and playing good basketball. They were in complete control for most of the game, showing off their nuclear attack with both Karl Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards and transporting it to Milwaukee. Towns finished 25 points off her 12 FGA, and Ant added another 25 points in 16 attempts. When Minnesota’s two top scorers score those goals efficiently at the same time, it’s very difficult to beat them. When they also go into defense at the same time? Forget about it. The sky is the limit for this team, and they will attract this fan base even more.

They had an incredible opportunity in front of a crowded house tonight, and they used that extra energy to play another full match.

KAT and Ant were in the lead, Ant’s sweet mill topped them, but again it was a total team effort. D’Angelo Russell accurately hit the center of the attack, seeing the match three paces ahead. In one play in the second quarter, he staged a set of Milwaukee free throws, and easily ended up with a PnR blank throw for Nas Red’s throw. Reed, to his credit, was also great. He got 14 points in just 13 minutes. He seemed to take the match with Bobby Portes personally, and he easily won that match today.

The Invisible Man who played well tonight is the owner of Paisley. Sure, he only got to thirty and was only 3-9 off the field, but it was no coincidence that Beasley was +24 for a game, just behind Towns. He’s always been in the right place defensively, attacking lockouts with a controlled aggressiveness, and has always seemed to be in a mixed position for rebounds and loose balls.

Once again, it was a whole team effort tonight. With that, wolves are only now 12 Denver’s return to the match for the sixth seed. The Wolves have basically locked up the tiebreak with Denver, so if they keep going about their business like they did tonight, good things will happen to them.

Every night at Target Center feels like a party now, and this game was no different. Get your friends and family into a game soon, and let’s enjoy this team together.