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    Who’s next for the undisputed WWE Universal Roman Reigns champion on Relevance Island?

    That was the focus of Friday’s episode of SmackDown on Fox, the first in a WrestleMania 38 blockbuster that saw Tribal Chief defeat Brock Lesnar in the main event Winner Takes All.

    Who took a step on the plate to challenge The Head of the Table and what other stories did WWE have for its fans in the first episode of Blue Brand Television after the biggest night of sports entertainment?

    Find out now with this recap of the April 8 show.

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    Following a disappointing and controversial defeat to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania on Saturday, Ronda Rousey started the show on Friday with a simple promotion. She blamed herself only, but expressed her desire for revenge; a match I Quit.

    Flair laughed at the challenge, questioned Rousey’s name, and told her rival to get to the end of the line. A defiant Rousey vowed to cause pain the next time they met.

    The promotion was far from dynamic and was largely carried by The Queen. Rousey seems to have lost the confidence she had in the microphone during her last race, and nothing she’s been told lately has helped her rediscover it.

    Let’s hope that changes.

    At the very least, the promotion did what it set out to do: advance the fight and create a potential revenge for success.



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  • “I’m beginning to believe that ‘the worst woman on the planet’ is not just a slogan, it’s a myth because you can’t win when it matters. Rousey from behind the scenes.

  • “You’re not just going to give up, you’re going to scream as I turn your elbow back,” Rousey threatened.

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    A competitive match between two NXT originals saw Woods avenge the loss of New Day to Sheamus and Ridge Holand, defeating Butch in the singles competition.

    The contest overcame the tenacity of the heel and the ingenuity of Woods, who got a small package (renamed The Back Woods by Pat McAfee) for victory.

    After the game, Butch went with his teammates before perching on the top rope and crumbling, “like a child,” Michael Cole said in a comment. In this sense, this match was both about the establishment of the character Butch and about the match itself. Since no one really knew what that person was supposed to be like when he suddenly appeared on TV, it was nice to see an evolution of her this week.


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  • “It simply came to our notice then the difficulties, ”Woods said in a reference to Butch’s previous life as” Bruiserweight “Pete Dunne.
  • Pat McAfee’s coverage of Butch’s name as a butcher was a pleasant touch from color commentator SmackDown and great coverage for a questionable name.
  • New Day reveals that they haven’t won a WrestleMania match yet as a team is amazing. One of the best factions in WWE history has earned the right to win on the big stage as one unit.

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    Behind the scenes, Sami Zayn spoke with Adam Pearce about losing WrestleMania and managed to get his own foot in his mouth, swearing that he would fight the next fighter to walk through the door. That guy? Drew McIntyre.

    In the arena, poor Joe Alonzo had the unenviable task of fighting Gunther in his first match as the main star. Ludwig Kaiser, former Marcel Barthel in Imperium, accompanied The Ring General for the unilateral improvement match.

    Gunther, punishing fools will never be fun. He completely overwhelmed his opponent, swallowing him and putting him aside to win in a solid presentation of the main list. Kaiser himself is a strong competitor in the ring and two-time NXT champion. Hopefully he has a chance to get some call time to settle down better.


    Top moment

  • Zayn returned the cheese during the backstage confrontation with Adam Pearce was the latest in his promotional excellence.
  • “Big Will Smith bombs his chest,” McAfee said of punishing Gunther with his open hand on his opponent’s chest.
  • Behind the scenes, Kayla Braxton introduced the latest SmackDown star, Raquel Rodriguez (formerly Gonzalez), who refused a kiss from Los Lotharios.

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    A troubled Happy Corbin made his way to the ring for Happy Talk, backed by a much more enthusiastic Madcap Moss.

    Corbin blamed Moss for the loss of Drew McIntyre and claimed he was too busy making WrestleMania about him. Unimpressed by Moss’s jokes, Corbin scolded him as the crowd chanted “Madcap Moss!” in support of the winner Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

    Moss joked that Corbin was quiet, and the two broke up. The jester attacked Corbin to the delight of the fans and the team quarreled, finishing with Moss to get the best from his partner and destroy the Happy Talk set.

    Say what you want about the character Happy Corbin and the creativity that led to WrestleMania, but the reaction of the crowd to Moss and his parting with his task is proof that it worked. The fans present on Friday were in flames for Moss, treating him like the next big kid face in the company.

    Given his work with McIntyre over the past three months, Moss has seized this opportunity.



    Top moment

  • “Is bastard Corbin back?” McAfee asked.
  • “I think you got too big for the straps and forgot your place: tell me a joke,” Corbin said of Moss.

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    Sami Zayn tried to recover from the humiliating loss to Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania. Drew McIntyre had other plans, as the Scottish Warrior struck him early and often, preventing even the Great Liberator from escaping the ramp.

    Zayn finally escaped the grip of his opponent, bypassing a Claymore and running through the crowd. McIntyre threatened Angela to Zayn to close the segment.

    The match was nothing to say, but it set the stage for a rivalry between the two, which could be damn fun if Zayn is allowed to remind fans that he is a talented competitor in the ring. The individual styles of the competitors would seem to integrate well, as would the characters.

    If McIntyre isn’t scheduled to challenge Roman Reigns further, there are far worse options for him than working with one of the best, most stunned in the company.

    Lacey Evans then did a promotion that served as a reintroduction to her and her story. It was fantastic, real, cruel and emotional. It was what the character Sassy Southern Belle never was: relatable. Fans reacted accordingly, cheering her on as she finished.


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  • “I definitely have a hangover!” McAfee spoke about his appearance at WrestleMania after a video recap.
  • Lacey Evans returned to television, detailing her childhood with an addicted father and her WWE trip. “That doesn’t make me any better than any other Superstar, but they’re definitely no better than me,” she said to close the video.

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    Rhea Ripley was outstanding in her absence, while partner Liv Morgan took to the ring for a match with Sasha Banks, accompanied by Women’s Tag Team Championship partner Naomi. Morgan hopes to turn the tide in her and Ripley’s favor, but in order to do so, she will have to defeat one of the best fighters of her generation, The Legit Boss.

    Morgan and Banks provided a very good match that brought the fans to their feet in support of both women at one point. Banks was the best fighter of all time and the shock on her face when Morgan countered a superplex in a small package for victory reflected her shock and surprise.

    Former Riott Squad member needed that victory to avoid the label of “loser”, but also to prove to Ripley when the Australian inevitably returns that she is not the weak link of the team.



    Top moment

  • Naomi put Morgan in the comments, something that will only serve to increase her and Banks if (when?) I beat her and Ripley to keep their label titles on Raw on Monday.
  • Banks sold the loss as a champion would be too confident. The expression on her face was priceless, one that acknowledged the surprise of defeat.

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    After days of teasing the WWE Universe with the next step on Relevance Island, the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, made the big revelation: he wants The Usos to go to Raw and challenge the label titles so that The Bloodline can own all gold.

    Shinsuke Nakamura interrupted the proceedings, teasing an argument with the Chief of Staff, only to be presented by The Usos in an anticlimatic finale of the show.

    Uses vs. Monday night’s RK-Bro seems the most logical next step for both teams, given their total dominance over the label divisions of those brands. We saw the beginning of that rivalry on Monday on Raw, when Jimmy and Jey teamed up with Austin Theory to defeat Randy Orton, Riddle and Finn Balor, so none of this announcement is terribly surprising.

    What’s surprising is that Nakamura is teased as the next competitor at Reigns’ Universal Championship.

    The artist has spent most of the last two years as a team competitor, but he still has a lot of credibility built with fighting fans, thanks to his worldwide success. His reputation precedes him and, more importantly, replaces part of the questionable reservation that has accompanied him in recent years.

    Nakamura Vs. Reigns is a fresh match and, more importantly, has its roots in Royal Rumble 2018, when the potential challenger won the title match by eliminating the champion. WWE should remember that when it comes to creating the impression that Nakamura can defeat Reigns and end his epic round of titles.



    Top moment

  • “SmackDown and the World Championship … it wasn’t enough,” Reigns said before recalling his victory over WrestleMania at Cowboy Brock.
  • “I want you all to go to Raw and I want you to bring me those Raw Tag Team championships,” the Tribal Chief told The Usos.
  • “The bloodline will have all the gold soon!” exclaimed Reigns.
  • “Let me give you some of this Bloodline love,” Reigns said before hugging Nakamura, only for The Usos to shake the Artist with a double superkick.
  • McAfee’s reference to the “superkick party” was a nice nod to the public eye.