Xander Bogaerts Says What Fans Think: Why Don’t the Red Sox Reshape the Roster?

“You see what everyone else sees,” Bogarts said. “We lost two great players. Anytime you can add influential players, it will benefit the team and make the team a better team.

“We will see what happens in these weeks. Names are clearly falling off the board.”

A big name fell overnight when superstar shortstop Carlos Correa agreed to a three-year, $105.3 million deal with the Minnesota Twins. Another MLS team made a bold move.

At least they weren’t Yankees,” said one Sox official.

That’s what’s considered good news in Fenway South these days.

All the Red Sox have done since last season is add complements, the latest of which comes when loyal right-handed Hansel Robles is back in a minor league deal.

Haim Blum has renovated the bulls and spinners. But this is not enough. Sox needs, at the very least, one continuous defensive player and one more player.

Opening day is April 7 and every EFL game will count as loaded. What are they waiting for?

“We still have two weeks left. I don’t know what they’re going to do or what they’re going to do,” Bogarts said.

Bogarts stated, unimpressively, that Sox Renfroe trade hunter for Milwaukee and Kyle Schwarber signed with the Phillies. Both played important roles in the Sox winning 92 games and advancing to the ALCS last season.

At the moment, Christian Arroyo, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Bobby Dalbeck are serving as regular players.

Arroyo has joined three teams since 2019, Bradley hit 0.163 with the Brewers last season, and Dalbeck’s struggle on the plate was the reason the Sox traded Schwarber.

If you tell me that one of these guys can emerge as a trustworthy regular member, I’ll buy it. The potential is there with all of them.

But two or three? This is building a list of dreams.

The Free Shortstop Trevor Story Agent makes sense for the Red Sox, especially if they are willing to take the kind of short-term deals that Correa did.

But why would Story come to Boston to play second base when he can stay at shortstop for the Astros or the Yankees? If he wanted to switch positions, he could stay on the left side of the field and play third base for Rangers, who inquired about the possibility. Story, who grew up 15 miles from Globe Life Park, might find this appealing.

Regardless of the story, the free agent market is weakening. World Championship MVP Jorge Soler will give the Sox the right bat they need but has more DH than a defensive player.

Michael Conforto is out of the off season. He might agree to a short-term deal.

The way he’s broken that market for free agents also suggests that the Red Sox also need to be busy re-signing Bogaerts, who could pull out after the season.

Bogarts has shelved that for now.

“There’s a long way to go. I’m here, excited for this year.” I got two or so weeks into spring training. Hopefully we can add some people.”

Nick Pevita, who threw a perfect three rounds against the Twins on Saturday, then rebuked reporters for suggesting the Sox needed more talent. He’s playing the “we’re a bunch of underdogs” that worked last season.

This will not work for long. The Sox had two World Championship wins in October and were a lower team in March.

Players who have been here for a long time know that this is not the way it is supposed to work. They are waiting too.

“We can’t control that. That’s not our job,” Cristian Vazquez said. “We need to keep playing and see what happens.

“[By] Opening day, I hope we can get someone. I know it’s noisy outside, but you can see all the teams pulling in everyone. We want to be there as well in October.”

Vazquez said he believes in his team.

It’s time for Sox to show that they do, too.

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