You’re Crazy: Who is the scariest mascot in college sports?

Welcome back to another week of “You Nuts” with the Bucketheads. With the Ohio State men’s basketball roster officially set and there’s not a lot to do with basketball, we’re going to take a different route with this list. We pick the scariest/strangest/most bizarre mascot in college sports.

Before that, let’s talk about the past week. With the list booked last week, we discussed who the “X Factor” for Ohio State will be this season. Connor chose the big guy Zed Key, while Justin chose Isaac Leekele – moving from Oklahoma.

No one has won, as most fans think someone else is the big X factor – perhaps Judge Swing or Tanner Holden. Regardless, with none of the players winning the vote, the ranking remains the same.

After 49 weeks:

Connor- 21
Justin- 19
Other- 7

(there were two links)

This week we talk about the coolest amulets. Unfortunately, there are a lot of options for this option, since some schools chose the mascot very poorly. Let’s dive in.

Question of the day: Who is the coolest mascot in college sports?

Connor: Monk Dom

Providence vs Kansas

Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Monk Dom, the mascot of the Providence brothers since 2002, is eerily terrifying. First of all, where are his teeth? Second, silence is amplified by his silence, because even if he could talk, we know he probably wouldn’t. Instead, he was just smiling and watching from afar, plotting his next kill. God, this guy gives me the creeps.

Legend has it that when Providence College was testing its new mascot over two decades ago, a staff member wore the monk’s head as a Halloween costume to hand out candy. The children approached his house in search of sweets and left blood-curdling cries. Students who have played Monk Dom on more than one occasion admitted that it can be difficult to take pictures with children – despite what their parents want – because many of them cry when Monk Dom approaches.

Monk Dom has no teeth, eyebrows, or agenda other than to scare people. Is that black line on his forehead piercing his hair, or is the Shadow Realm the only real evidence of his many crimes? Catholic jokes aside, this priest seems to have some pretty terrible, bad, and really bad intentions.

I mean, look at this patient staring on the court in the face as she flips away. I hope this fan got out of the building just fine, because Friar Dom was crafting a plan at this very moment – and it couldn’t be good. Fortunately, he can’t run – chase – fast in those long robes, but Monk Dom is inevitable. Monk Dom will continue until the chase is complete.

NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament Providence vs Southern California

Photo by Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

Here is an excerpt from the 2018 SB Nation article on the non-PC mascot horror, during the 2018 NCAA Championship:

Providence College wakes him from his slumber every fall, only to watch the city’s homeless population mysteriously drop each winter. He lives at the bottom of a hole scientists say has no bottom. Every three days, a periodic crew of cheerleaders shed a bucket of goat blood and teeth The child is on him so that he can feed him.”

I’m leaving now to pour myself a warm glass of milk before bed, and I’ll turn off the lights tonight.

Justin: Bordeaux Pete

College Basketball: February 20 Rutgers at Purdue

Photo by Michael Aliu/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Please stop being eccentric.

I’m trying to make my comeback real and feel like I have a good chance. Time to start getting close and putting the heat on Connor. I may not have won this week but I haven’t lost either, so there it is. impression. Shout out to Max Homma (if you understand this sign I appreciate you).

During this “You Nuts” series, most of the questions we answer revolve around opinion and there is no really correct answer. However, this does not apply to this. One correct answer to this question is the Bordeaux Pete.

Bordeaux is a very horrible house. This is the only way to formulate it. Last year, she won awards for how crazy and scary he is. The Quality Products Logo blog conducted a survey on the fearsome mascot of all Division I college football teams, and the Boilermakers mascot emerged as a “victorious.” There were 128 mascots in the survey. I’m really right about this.

Purdue Pete also won the second worst spell overall and an honorable mention in the “most bizarre” mascot (do it whatever you like). Awards have just come on Purdue Pete – and not in a good way.

Honest to God, when I googled Purdue Pete the second choice was “Purdue Pete creepy”. It is literally what the mascot is famous for. And this is not just about hating the Big Ten. this is real.

I actually think the Big Ten has some of the best mascots around. Sparty over at Michigan State is so cool, I love Maryland Terrapin as someone who was born in Maryland, Badgers are awesome and of course Brutus is awesome. But Purdue Pet may actually outweigh all the good things.

This explanation is short as it could be. You don’t need to explain this, just look at it.


What school has the scary mascot?

  • 13%

    Bordeaux Pete (Justin)

    (14 votes)

  • 86%

    Monk Dom (Connor)

    (87 votes)

Total votes 101

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